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The Zony is a fictional pony breed in Star Stable Online. It was created by Ydris with the help of his Pandoric magic.




June 10, 2018 During a livestream of SSO's headquarters, players are given the chance to vote on a color variation for the upcoming G3 Jorvik Pony. One of the color options is a buckskin pony with back stripes and a swirled stripe on the forehead. These options do not end up being the winning choices.
June 11, 2018 SSO Game Master, Clara Lightland, creates an Instagram campaign and image of the Zony design under the hashtag #PleaseMakeAZonyLisa. She asks players to reblog and share the image.
August 1, 2018 Clara Lightland is interviewed by SSO on why she wants a Zony in the game and she posts her answer to her Instagram.
November, 20, 2018 The Zony is teased in an Image on SSO's social media and Clara Lightland's Instagram.
November 28, 2018 The Zony is added to the game.


"The Zony is a fantastical creature that can only be found at Ydris' Circus of Dreams.

While it has many similarities to the Jorvik Pony it's based on, Ydris gave it a magical coat distinct from any naturally occurring pony. This seems to also have affected its characteristics somewhat, as it's even more headstrong than the Jorvik Pony and is particularly reluctant to jump through hoops.

The transformation seems to have had no effect on its appetite, and this little pony will gladly eat anything, given the opportunity, especially candy apples.

The Zony was born from the wishes of many riders on Jorvik, and is a testament to the powerful magic that unity can bring."

Unique Features[]

The Bray[]

Unlike regular horses and ponies who whinny and neigh when rearing, the Zony seems to have taken its vocalizations from its zebra side. When the player makes the Zony rear, it will bray like a zebra.


Five hairstyles can be purchased for the Zony at the Horse Stylist. These styles are identical on all Gen 3 Jorvik Pony, Zony, Vega models.

  • Default
  • Button Braids
  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long

Striped Dun

Colors, Pricing, and Locations[]

The Zony is sold for 550 SC. It can be found at Ydris' Circus on Nilmer's Highland and comes in one variation.

  • Striped Dun


  • During its release, a glitch made it impossible for the Zony to race in the Pony champ despite being pony, and being listed as an accepted participant in the Pony Championships. This has since been fixed.
  • While Zonies are a real achievable Zebroid hybrid "breed" in real-life (being the offspring of a male zebra and a female pony), the Zonies in SSO are clearly the effects of magic and not breeding.
  • The Zony's forehead will occasionally glow pink along its stripes, indicating its Pandoric origins.

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