Ydris is a mysterious man who lives at Nilmer's Highland together with a jester named Xin and a North Swedish horse named Zee. He can be found standing next to a Mystic Wagon, which houses his circus tent and magic supplies.

Ydris Closeup

Closeup of Ydris' new model



Ydris, before the update

When the Circus quests were first released in the Wednesday update of May 8, 2013, Ydris was introduced as the owner, magician, and ringleader of the circus and the mystic wagon in Nilmer's Highland. He appeared as a mysterious and quirky, but nice, older man who may or may not have some semblance of magical ability. His role and appearance remained relatively the same up until the Update of June 6, 2018.

During this update, Ydris' role changed slightly from his previous iteration. Now Ydris appears as a much younger man who clearly has some semblance magical abilities and a possible ability to read minds. His personality remains very much the same though he seems to have an even bigger flair for the dramatic than before.


Before the Update

Ydris 2

Ydris, after the update

Before the update, Ydris appeared as a tall, lanky, man, most likely in his prime to late prime years. He wore a black top hat with a white band and a four-leaf clover sticking out of the left side. He wore a grey trench coat with blue buttons running up the middle and a blue bow tie. He covered his hands with white gloves, and wore dark grey pants and black heeled boots.

After the Update

After the update Ydris retains his height, but he appears as a much younger man, most likely in his early to mid prime. His black top hat has a distinctive shine to it with an eggplant coloured band. Instead of a trench coat, he now wears a ringmaster outfit. His Black jacket has an eggplant collar and cuffs, with a dark purple vest with bronze clips and a white undershirt with ruffled sleeves that peak out at the bottom of his jacket. He keeps a couple of cards hidden in his right side cuff. Instead of a bowtie, he now has a ruffled neckerchief and still sports white gloves (however they are now more fitted). His eggplant pants are held up by a black leather belt and he wears half length heeled riding boots, with eggplant and gold leatherwork on the borders.


Ydris could have a few different meanings:

  • It could be a variation of the arabic name, Idris, meaning "interpreter" in Arabic
  • It could also be a variation on the name Welsh name, Idris, meaning "ardent lord" from Welsh udd "lord, prince" combined with ris "ardent, enthusiastic, impulsive".


  • Ydris is Pandoric but doesn’t admit it right away.
    • Ydris often pronounces words in french.
  • Ydris is the only known character with heterochromia.
  • The detail of cards hidden in Ydris' cuff is a nod to real world illusionists who hid cards in many places on their person for card tricks.
  • Ydris' name follows a pattern with Xin and Zee. Together they form the last three letters of the alphabet, X, Y, Z.
  • Many players have a crush on Ydris, many even would call him “Hot” and “Daddy“ after the update.
  • Ydris is aware he is in a game.
  • one of his fortunes will tell the player he knows many has a crush on him and doesn’t think much of it.