Woodear is a fictional horse breed available in Star Stable Online.


"Jorvik is home to beautiful and majestic breeds from around the world, but the most amazing horses of all can only be found on this island. Horses with manes and tails in rainbow colors beyond imagination, horses that shimmer like jewels or burn with the fury of the elements -- these are the Magic Horses of Jorvik!

The horse known as "woodear" hails from damp forests of Evermist in the far north of Jorvik. It is said to have evolved from Fjord horses that spent a little too much time in bogs rich with pandoric energy.

Long thought to be unrideable, it was only after years of research that a Druid herbalist named Hazel Stamets realized Woodear doesn't experience sight and sound like other horses, but rather communicates with its herd through a mycelial netwrok in the very ground of Jorvik.

Woodear has a distinctive mulchy odor that, while intense at first, really grows on you. It loves nothing more than long rides in bogs and wet forests. When kept in a stable, Woodear prefers a box close to the shower stall.

Like other Magic Horses of Jorvik, Woodear shows its true colors in wild places and will conceal its appearance in populated areas. Whether in its fungal form or in disguise, Woodear rides just like the Fjord Horses it is descended from." - Star Stable Online

Color Change

Woodear has a special magic that makes it change colors. When In the wild, it changes from its neutral colors to its natural colors. When the horse approaches Jorvik's different villages it regains its more realistic colors. Unlike the Jorvik Wild Horse which gained this ability through Pandoric energy, Woodear evolved from contact with this energy to the point where its magical ability is entirely its own.

Colors, Pricing, and Location

Woodear is a Generation 3 breed that was released during the October 23, 2019 update along with the Halloween Event

It shares it's model with Fjord Horse, because of this, they have the same stats, price, and cold tolerance of the Norwegian breed.

Fungal Wood to Dunalino Leapord

Woodear is sold for 850 SC and can be purchased during Halloween in Galloper's Keep:

  • Natural color: Greenish-Blue wood texture with mushrooms and moss, and a light teal, spore-like mane, and tail
  • Neutral color: Dunalino Leopard


  • Woodear is the first ever blind/deaf horse in SSO

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