Pi, or the Witch Pi, is a witch who lives in the Cauldron Swamp.


It was revealed by Mayor Klaus of Cape West Fishing Village that Pi is his wife, but had turned into a witch when she started messing around with magic (starting with cards) in the summerhouse they had rented (the Cauldron Swamp was formerly a summerhouse that resided on a nice lake). Slowly, Pi had turned into a witch, and she eventually turned the surrounding area into a dark, gloomy swamp.

Star Stable Online

Before being changed by the golden apple, Pi showed malicious intent towards the player and did not enjoy their presence much.

She was funded by Dark Core to create dark horses, and had Justin Moorland's horse, Saga, taken hostage so she could turn her into a dark horse. Since the player needed to stop this in order to prevent Justin Moorland from fully becoming a Dark Rider, they are sent to stop Pi from achieving this.

The player is later directed towards Scarecrow Hill, whose tree held a single golden apple that could change Pi's ways. After completing the Scarecrow Hill Race and collecting the apple, the player gives it to Pi who eats it and becomes good again. She quickly releases Justin Moorland's horse, and it seems her relationship with the mayor improves afterwards.

Pi proves to be a helpful asset towards the Soul Riders, and she designs a vacuum that can get rid of Shadow Seekers, who were starting to appear out of pandoric cracks. After the player solves the infestation in Pi's 'backyard', she helps design a better vacuum which also seals pandoric cracks.


  • Pi was funded by Dark Core to create dark horses.
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