Wild Whispering is a technique used by the Keepers of Aideen to find Starbreeds, match riders with the right horses and communicate with them too.

For someone to use Wild Whispering they have to focus on a "certain need", then follow the aura's trail to where it resonates the strongest leading them to the right horse.

With enough training one can feel the presence of a Starbreed.

Known Whisperers

Star Stable Online

The player learns of the technique from Rhiannon and uses it to begin the search for Concorde. After breaking Justin out of prison, the player brings him to the Sleeping Yew to perform the Whisper's Cry to find Concorde, which succeeds.

Through Justin's help, the player follows the trail to find Concorde, leading them to Ydris' circus.


  • The need required for wild whispering can be anything from a taste for favorite foods like sugar cubes, to the bond between horse and rider, Aideen's gift or the feeling of a certain memory.
  • The people who use this technique are call wild whisperers.
  • The Whisper's Cry is a stronger variation of Wild Whispering it requires the whisper to combine their abilities with one of the Primeval Trees.
    • However, at the price of finding Starbreeds faster the whisper runs the risk of merging with the tree and revealing all the starbreeds locations to the dark forces.
  • According to Rhiannon, an apprentice must practice wild whispering for a year before they can use the technique on their own.
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