The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur informally shortened to Dino Valley is an eternally snow-covered crater, lying north of Valedale. The explorer Nic Stoneground is currently on an expedition in the valley.

The area was released in 2014-11-19.


22,000 years ago, an asteroid had hit the bottom of the ocean, causing plates to move and the land of Jorvik to rise to the surface. The dinosaur skeleton seen on the ice was killed due to the impact of this asteroid. No signs of life were recorded for a while afterward.

The crater in the valley was once completely filled with water and created an enormous lake of ice in the cold. The water level decreased, which created an enormous ice cave under the ice. After the legendary snow storm in 1912 the ice collapsed, which contributed to the researchers in the area leaving the valley. The valley has ever since been untouched to the outer world - until today.

Nic Stoneground's balloon after it has been fixed.


World of Horsecraft confirmed in an interview 2012-12-18 that they are working with the area, but they didn't tell when the area would arrive to the game. In the update 2014-10-22, almost two years later, it was finally confirmed that the Valley will open during winter of 2014. The release date was confirmed 2014-11-14, and it was then decided that the Valley will open 2014-11-19. Seven Swedish players got the opportunity to try out the area 2014-11-15.

Frozen Vale Lake

The information that was released before the Valley itself concluded:

  • The Valley is bigger than the north Harvest Countries
  • It will be so cold that horses will be negatively affected by being in the Valley. Only a select few horses in the game will not be affected by the cold. At the time of release, that was only the North Swedish horse
  • The area mostly consists of wilderness
  • The area is important for the continuation of the game's main story
  • The players are able to dig for fossils in the Valley
  • The players are able to learn much about the area's history
  • To be able to enter in to the Valley the player has to be at level 15. The player must also have met Nic Stoneground in the Everwind Fields and finished the quests with him.
  • In the Valley the player meets professor Elsa Einstein and Nic Stoneground, among others.

The Valley of Frozen Mist


The Hidden Dinosaur

The climate in the Valley is colder than in the rest of Jorvik. The cold is so harsh that the player's horse will be much slower in the Valley. A horse that cannot withstand the cold of the valley will only run at a canter/collected gallop and a blue snowflake will appear on the player's screen. However, if the player is riding a cold tolerant horse, the climate will not affect performance.

Cold tolerant horse breeds to this date are:

The cold water warning text

Additionally, it is not possible to ride in the water in the Valley, because it is too cold. If the player rides down in the water they will be sent back up on land again with a warning text.


Ice Forest

The player will have to complete over 200 quests to get to the Valley and have reputation level ''Liked'' with Valedale. Players also need to be around level 15+ in order to achieve these quests in game.

When the player is far enough in the game, Elizabeth will ask them to go and check if the entrance is open. Because the entrance is open, Elizabeth sends the player there to look around. They will find an elevator which is broken and race down the mountain road to an empty area with a shed. The player has to fix the elevator and after fixing it, bring Elizabeth to the valley. There she will use her Soulrider powers to open up the road which is covered by snow.

The Frozen Road

After opening up the road, the player will have to ride to Nic Stoneground's camp and help him set up the camp. After he or she is done setting it up, they will have to do quests and, eventually, start adding more things to the camp, such as a shop. They will also meet the Kallters and be able to search for dinosaur fossils.

Before the player has access the Valley, the player will have to help Nic Stoneground in the Everwind fields by helping him with his hot air balloon which takes him to the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur.


  • The Hidden Dinosaur Race


  • The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur appeared on the map in the update 2014-11-12
  • There is a secret quest, where you have to find a frozen veterinarian, bring her to the camp and thaw her. Many players call this vet the Frozen Lady. This quest is found in the Valley of Frozen Mist.