So, as you probably know, occasionally you'll enter your home stable and hear a little girl humming. When you go into one of the little rooms in the HS, you'll see a little girl and she will start singing: "Back inside your stables The sun sinks 'neath the gables

When the Glue Man comes to find you, These are the things that you must do:

Hide under hay Wait until day Don't make a peep Never ever fall asleep

Glue Man, leave my horses be"

Also for anyone who's scared this only happens in the Halloween update so just wait until the first Wednesday of November and you'll be fine.

Now, here's the question: WHO IS THE GLUE MAN AND WILL HE APPEAR IF I STAY UP ALL NIGHT IN MY HOME STABLE? I think he's pale white and has black eyes and a sharp-toothed smile, and he wears a long black coat with a glue patch on his left side of the coat. Also a really dark gray shirt. And black boots. And he has long sharp fingers. And he uses his fingers to slice off the horse hooves to make them into glue. SO UH THIS IS WHAT IT'S LIKE HAVING AN IMAGINATION, YOU'D THINK IT'S REALLY NICE BUT REALLY IT'S TERRIBLE AND YOU GET SCARED ALL THE TIME

- screemu

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