Hey guys I'm Scarlet and I am going to tell you my story!

It was a butiful day in texas and my mom had just got a new job she would not tell me where we where going we arrived on boat to a place called fort pinta the island was called Jorvik it was butiful horses EVREYWHERE!I love horses they are so butiful and when we got there we got into a car dragging along a triler with a horse i could not see till we got to moorland stables the place i will be staying at till i can buy my own stables my mom didn't say anything till we got there and I was sorta thinking about hoping right back on that boat.We got to moorland stables and then they took the horse out they said he was mine to use till I can buy my own horse his name was Storm he was a butiful white body and a black mane and tail I could not wait to start riding him!Storm was a little jumpy and that could be fixed but they said he was the only one left and if i didn't want him they would put him back and I would have to wait 3 weeks till they get the new batch of horses,but I could see it in his eyes that he needed me.I dicided to keep him and no surprise they gave me the papers a year after to keep him for 300 Jorvik shillings.I also met my long lost brother James and sadly mom had passed away...but I am trying my best to keep myself strong.Storm is doing great in the show jumping defently something he loves to do and his show name is StormCloud cute right?Storm likes to jump fences so why not jump logs he is now a show jumper and a well know cross countrey horse! He dose seem to get lonley in his stall there are no other horses in my stable so I put him in this pasture with a few other horses. My birthdate is may 16,1997!

                                           -Scarlet NoblePaw and Storm-

                                                     Silly boy!

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