Hi guys, I put a poll a while ago asking if you wanted me to make a blog about how I save Star Coins, so here it is!


For me, the most easiest way to save Star Coins is to stay organized and disciplined. 
1. I make a list of what I want that costs Star Coins. (In my case, it is horses.)*                                                           2. I find out how much it costs and put the cost next to the item.                                                                            3. Once I know what it costs, then I use a calendar to map out how long it is until I can afford it. For example, say I want a piece of tack that is 500 Star Coins and I have 100 star coins. I need 400 star coins and I only get 100 Star Coins every Saturday. I go to my calendar and count how many Saturday's, in this case, 4 Saturday's, until I can afford it.

*For horses, I write down their breed, coat color, and what I will name them, along with the price. For example, here is one for the palomino AQH I want:

American Quarter Horse - Palomino - Unknown - Sunkiss                                                                           Breed -                              Coat Color - Price -        Name


In general :

1. Do not not use star coins for the horse trailer or stable care help.                                                                        2. Always do limited time quests first.

Horse buying requirements:

1. All horses must be at least level 10 before buying another horse, unless they are limited time. If so, then you must wait until all other horses are level 10 before riding the one that was limited time. i.e. the Pepita is out, but one horse is still level 2. Buy the Pepita, but finish training the other horse first.

2. Train the lowest level horse first, then next training session train the new lowest level horse. If several horses are the same level, then train the one you like the least first.

Horse Tack:

If you want a whole tack set, go through storage first. Then look on global store, etc. Try to avoid selling horses for Jorvik Shillings, unless they are a gen 1 that you never ride. Do reputation and races to earn Jorvik shillings and only spend star coins when it is the ONLY option. Use only code Star coins for tack. Wait for a code, then get the tack that is only Star coins.

So this is all I can think of so far! I hope you liked it and didn't feel like I was insulting your intelligence by explaining absolutely everything. I was just trying to make it less confusing. I'll be back soon! Probably. Hopefully.

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