Cloud Kingdom

July 1st | Is that a hot air balloon in the distance? (Cloud KIngdom, passed)

Silverglade & Moorland

July 8th | Saddle up for Linda’s limited-edition jumping course!

July 15th | Cor blimey! Three new colors, one majestic horse. (Last 3 English Throughbred Colors)

Jorvik Stables

July 22st | Raise the roof! Open House is back!

July 29th | A new collection to explore! (Something like Token, Catherine's Memories, etc.)


August 5th | Part show jumping; part cross-country; only at Goldenleaf Stables!

August 12th | Perk up a pointed ear for the jangling tack of this regal riding horse! (Marwari Horses??)


August 19th | A special ride to celebrate the ties that bind. (Red String Trail Ride)

August 26th | Welcome home, Soul Rider... (Dunno myself xD)

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