Hey guys,

Its been awhile since I last posted. So, here we go! 

The past few weeks have been amazing! I recently unlocked Scarecrow Hill to give the golden apple to Pi, but I was stopped by some shadow witches. Luckly, me and OnyxMoon made it out. Me and Alex have also been hanaging out and we recenlty discovered that Mr. Sands is behind the missing of Anne. I had to go on GEDS boat, pretending that Oynxmoon was the horse Pi had sent them. We soon reached the destination and it was insane. GED guards were everywhere and it was almost impossible to get past them. But after many attempts, I finally got past them. As I reached Onyx, I saw Mr. Sands, Justin, and a Drak rider having a conversation. I managed to overhear some of it befor I got caught and thats when we escaped. I told Alex about it and we soon had a meeting. Fripp was not happy and he said that GED is getting more powerful and that I need to start training my powers. I havent started yet, but I will hopefully soon! 

Anouther hetic thing that happned is that I was riding in Firgrove and thats when I stumbled upon this old lady asking me if she had seen her grandaughter. I told her that I would go look for her and what did I see? I saw her on the ground looking for her cane ( she's blind). Appaently she was from Mistfall, riding her horse when all of a suddon wolves started to chase and her horse reared on her. She and her horse were both fine, but we soon discovered why Mistfall was guarded by GED. The people of Mistfall are quarantined beucse of the water. There was something bad in it but the vet gave us a pass to get through. After much exploring, we soon found out that GED was just making it up and scareing the people of the town. GED soon had to leave and hasn't returned. GED is completely taking over many towns and its getting out of hand. I'm glad that one town is now safe. The girls mother, is now running for mayor, since the elcetion is today. Last night, I got some signiatures and now today is the day! 

Anouther exciting thing is that two new horses have arrived. Umbra and Alya. They are so pretty! I couldnt help myslef so I brought Umbra. He is so handsome and I love his firey hair. But now, knowing me, I'm considering buying Alya aswell, but I'm still not sure since I'm so close to unlcoking Epona. I'll be posting a poll soon to ask your guys opinion. 

The last thing that I'm going to talk about is something that I mentioned on my last post. I decided to buy anouther Knubstapper. I brought the brown one with white splotches and named him FlameFighter. 

Hows your week going? My school is shut for 6 weeks due to the COVID-19, and I can't ride for 2 weeks (real life) :(. How are you guys doing with be quarantined?

I'll update you guys soon!

Heres a picture of me and Umbras ride last night

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