Hey guys,

Happy sunday! 

As you guys know, I put up a poll asking you if I should get Alya, and I think I will. She's really pretty and I'll probably regret buying her if I don't. Looks like were gonna have a new member to the family! Any name suggestions for her?

Anyway, what this post is really about is Dino valley! Last night, I went to Valedale and talked to Elizabeth. She told about how there was a snow fall on the path openeing to The valley of the hidden Dinosaur. She asked me if I could go see if the snow had meleted away leading a path, and what do you know, it did! I then went and told her that I could get through and she was so happy! She then let me go explore it, but she told me that it is very dangerious there and there are no shops, nore stables. She told me to be careful and that the place was very old. I promised her that I would. So, I rode up to the valley and it was freezing. I was kinda expecting it since there is snow there. When I got there, there was an old elevator. It looekd really old and unstable and there was no way that I could go down it. So I made a more dangerious approch. There were these ice and snow slates that so happned to lead down to the ground. They were very delicate and would break instanly so me and Flame had to go fast. We safely made it down, but the slates had craked and fallen. It was only me and Flame. It was very snowy and icy. But in order to get back up, I had to get that elevator working. Luckly, there was an old tool shed that had the controls in it. I went in there and they weren't in to bad shape. I then went to go look at the elevator to see if I could see what was wrong with it. I saw that there were some missing pieces and the setting needed to be oiled. I did however see somethings peeking under the snow when I had come down so I hoped they were parts. After alot of digging, I soon found anouth parts to fix the setting. Then, I grabbed the tool box that was in the shed and then got some 200 year old oil and fixed the setting. My mechanic ablities aren't that great so I really hoped this worked. I soon fixed it (or I hoped I did) I went back into the shed and started to work the contorls. I was scared and worried, knwoing that if the elevoter didn't work, no one could help us. After many tries of the gears, it finally worked. I was realved. I then grabbed Flamefighter and hoped in the elevator. I wasn't going to give my hopes up since it still looked really old and would probbaly only last for awhile. I soon however reached the top of Valedale. I rode back to Elizabeth and told her about the elevator. She was impressed and told me that she needed to get some stuff from there and told me to meet her by the end of the path. I then, alraedy cold as it is, rode back into the Valley of the Dinosaur and found Elizabeth. She told me to get some plants for her and Avalon. I grabbed some plants and special crystals that she needed and gave them to her. She thanked me and told me to go the end of the path and see how it was doing since no one had been here in years. I rode to end of the path only to see that it was covered in snow. I told her that it was blocked. She then advised me to get three specill crystals that were around here somewhere and put them by the fallen snow. They were quit difficult to find, but I soon found three. She gave me Aideens wand and the snow soon exploaded. She thanked me for my help and told me to go explore and be careful. 

I followed along the path only to find Nic. Awhile ago, I helped him with his ballon and to go into Dino valley. Apparenltly, his ballon had been caught in the wind and had crashed. He was really cold. I helped him build a fire besides by fingers frozen. He thanked me and asked me if I could ride to Dereck and get a mailbox so he can receive mail. When I got back, he thanked me and told me to come back later. Anyway, after that I decided to explore. It was so cool. I went up onto one of the ice cliffs and there was a dinosaur skeleton
Jumping in Dino valley with Flamefighter

Heres me and Flamefighter jumping over a frozen lake crack

. I guss thats why they call it the valley of the hidden dinosaur. It was really quit an anventure and I really enjoyed it beisdes freezing to death. 

See you guys soon :).  

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