Hi guys, 

So, I have a suprise for you. I recntly have been visting Hermit on South Hoof for a few days now, and he has finally trusted me in adopting one of the wild horses. (Welsh ponys) At first I was a bit hesitant at first on buying one, since I'm saving up for multiple other horses but then I saw the perfect one. He was a smokey balck brownish balck and was adorable. I couldn't help but buy him. So, I named him Eveningwings. That was a fun suprise! 

On Sunday, I was also on South Hoof looking for Madison since she had to go home and do her homework, I soon found her by the Ancient Tree. I told her that she had to go home, but she insisted that we had a race with the wild horses. I have to admit, it was really fun. She rode a black Welsh Pony, whom she named NightDust and he was really cute. The race was amazing and we wacthed the herd run back. I was about to take her home when the heard came running back towrads us, all spooked. Thats when the  Madison heard a strange noise coming from the shore. We rode there to find a mysterious black ferry leaving the shore. Madison said that not many ships come, but I can tell you, this one had to do with something with GED or Dark Core. Anyway, after that I took her home and we explained this to her grandma, but she wasn't buying it. Madison had to go do her work, but she told me that we'd meet again soon. So that was hetic. 

Tonight I'm just going to be helping around the Silvergalde Vinyard, but I'm having trouble with something. Marely told me that there is a drain somewhere apparently under the vinyards, behind the main building, on the cliff above the Riding arena. I looked and I couldn't find it. So, do you guys know if its next to naything or where it is in more detail?

Anouther question that I have for you guys, is what colour should Eveningwings wear? (I theme my horses colour themed) so far I have red for Onynxmoon (Fresien) purple for FastDust (knubstrupper) and blue for Shadowbeam (Andaluain). I'll also post a picture of Evening soon. 

I'll let you guys on anouther update soon :) 

-Ava Hayrider

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