Well if you do, I started up a role-playing group set in that world on Discord.

A little history on the world:

For as long as anyone could remember, the Spirits ruled over the land of Narduradin. They were kind and benevolent leaders, and everyone was content. The dragons were free to do whatever they wished, and stayed away from humans for the most part. About a century ago, Naynmeire, the Dark One, was approached by an unknown person. This entity is known as the Lord of The Void, and was eternally trapped there to prevent him from causing problems.

Naynmeire didn't realize that it was him, and listened. (He appeared in a dream, because he can't speak to people otherwise) The Void Lord told him that the prophecy of the Chaos Dragon wasn't triggering to the danger Narduradin was in, saying it was hidden. He told Naynmeire that he needed to cause something that would trigger the prophecy. Naynmeire decided that the only way to do this was to enslave the dragon race, with the help of some humans with the power of the mind.

If any of this interests you, friend Asarane#8343 on Discord for more info or to join!

Thank you so much for reading! -Asarane

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