Toy Postcards are a game mechanic similar to Fallen Stars and Spiders. The locations to take these photos of Token are throughout Star Stable Online. The postcard photos are most similar to Spiders, as they serve a purpose as part of a quest involving James Cloudmill. Collecting all of the photos will result in the quest's completion and a collection of items.

The amount of photos collected in each level of the quest can be seen when clicking the collections button on the user interface or by pressing the "J" button on your keyboard. Copies of the photos you've taken will appear on your computer in the "Star Stable Online Screenshots" folder.

Finding Locations to Take Postcard Photos[]

After receiving the quest from James Cloudmill to search for places to take postcard photos of the stuffed dragon Token, the locations will be placed in select areas all over Jorvik depending on the part of the quest and the level of the player. There are six parts of the quest; Part 1 unlocks at player level 3 and is located in the Moorland and Fort Pinta area; Part 2 unlocks at player level 6 and is located in Silverglade, Firgrove and Valedale; Part 3 unlocks at player level 9 and is located in Jarlaheim and Jorvik City; Part 4 unlocks at player level 12 and is located in Mistfall and South Hoof Peninsula; Part 5 unlocks at player level 15 and is located in Epona, Goldenhills Valley and Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur; Part 6 unlocks at player level 18 and comprises secret locations hidden around Jorvik. Part 2 through Part 6 require the player to be a Star Rider.


After completing each chapter, the player will be rewarded by James for taking the photos needed to complete each part. Depending on the part you've completed, you will receive a special item from James.

Chapter Reward
1 James' spare glasses
2 James' spare cap
3 James' spare t-shirt
4 James' spare sneaker & James' spare jeans
5 Token plush
6 Shutterbug Saddle Bag*

*At the end of the the sixth chapter, James will also give you 500 XP.


There are 158 locations in which to take postcard photos in-game. Below you will find the locations and the coordinates to take the postcard photos in-game.

Chapter 1 - Moorland and Fort Pinta[]

Number Coordinates Notes

X: 231, Y: 266

Near James on the statue fence

X: 253 , Y: 267

Fort Pinta beach, the side nearest to Mistfall

X: 243 , Y: 235

Doyle's Abbey, on a tree stump

X: 216, Y: 248

Moorland fishermen dock

X: 181, Y: 254

Moorland beach by the firepit

X: 165, Y: 240

Nilmer's Highland cliff behind the old buildings

X: 158, Y: 222

By the circus, a small cliff nod facing the circus

X: 228 , Y: 244

Floating where Ferdinand's Horse Market used to be, just south of The Silversong Pony Championship.

X: 189, Y: 229

Cozy Picnic spot behind the blacksmith

X: 252, Y: 230

Near pony training race, by the shore

Chapter 2 - Silverglade, Firgrove and Valedale[]

Number Coordinates Notes

X: 184, Y: 200

On a tree stump in front of Silverglade Castle, next to the pink trailer

X: 199, Y: 203

On the fence of the Lusitano paddock at Steve's Farm

X: 190, Y: 157

Sitting on one of the sheep close to the Rabbit race

X: 171, Y: 177

At Marley's farm, under the birch tree in the flowerbed

X: 207, Y: 192

Sitting on a rock behind the grey trailer at Steve's farm

X: 216, Y: 198

On a stack of grain sacks at Barney's Silo

X: 183, Y: 193

Sitting on the left of the ruin entrance on the wall

X: 146, Y: 167

When entering the Vineyard in the wine fields to your right, sitting by several of the wine barrels by the outer walls

X: 138, Y: 169

At the restaurant on top of the Manor

X: 113, Y: 179

Riding Hall on top of one of the jumps

X: 115, Y: 168

Near the Riding Hall on a small cliff facing Golden Hills

X: 249, Y: 92

On the fence at the training grounds above the stone circle by Valedale

X: 283, Y: 106

By the dock in Valedale

X: 313, Y: 156

At the Red String Trail Ride, on the timber log running across a gully

X: 335, Y: 128

Valedale lake - underneath the big tree in the middle of Valedale lake. Not possible to directly see this from the road, you have to climb up to the left from the bridge

X: 311, Y: 176

At the beginning of the Red String Trail Ride, at a viewpoint over the fireplace

X: 337, Y: 181

In Firgrove on a fence close to the horse hairdresser

X: 270, Y: 227

At the apple orchard on a ladder

X: 284, Y: 85

On the road towards the entrance to the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur

Chapter 3 - Jarlaheim and Jorvik City []

Number Coordinates Notes

X: 38, Y: 249

Situated inside Jarlaheim, close to the mayor, on a rock

X: 40, Y: 253

On the city walls, overlooking Paddock Island

X: 49, Y: 255

Stablebucks cafe

X: 63, Y: 252

On fence next to sunflower field on Seahorse Point

X: 24, Y: 266

In the pumpkin field on Paddock Island

X: 28, Y: 234

Middle of Sunfield Farm by the big tree

X: 12, Y: 252

Pig pen by Jorvik Stables

X: 37, Y: 228

On fence behind the house on Tor's Heel (overlooking Sunfield Farm)

X: 49, Y: 247

Inside Jarlaheim on a fence close to the eastern city gates

X: 74, Y: 252

Goldspur's Mill inside the pen with the animals.

X: 7, Y: 6

Jorvik City Mall, inside the Horse Equipment store.

X: 4, Y: 4

Jorvik City Mall, on a table outside of the cafe.

X: 0, Y: 6

Jorvik City Mall, inside Purple Pony store, display shelf.

X: 0, Y: 7

Same as above

X: 0, Y: 3

Governor's Fall by "Star Stable Headquarters"

X: 6, Y: 2

Governor's Fall in black convertible car

X: 9, Y: 9

Governor’s Fall inside Leonardo's Ice Cream Parlor, on one of the tables near the stage.

X: 6, Y: 1

Governor's Fall next to #16 by the road closure

X: 11, Y: 6

Governor’s Fall outside Leonardo’s Ice Cream Parlor, on a green recycle bin underneath a tree next to two benches.

X: 9, Y: 3

Aideen's Plaza by sleeping person.

X: 6, Y: 5

Aideen’s Plaza by the golden statue on the fountain, next to Konrad.

X: 11, Y: 7

Aideen's Plaza next to pantomime guy in side street.

X: 8, Y: 1

Aideen's Plaza sitting in wicker chair outside the cafe.

X: 3, Y: 9

Aideen's Plaza in side street on boxes

Chapter 4 - Mistfall and South Hoof Peninsula[]

Number Coordinates Notes

X: 191, Y: 386

South Hoof outside The Stone Circle, on a tree root.

X: 173, Y: 354

South hoof in the small stone circle by the bridge to New Hillcrest Stables

X: 206, Y: 397

South Hoof in the Carrot Patch by Hermit's Cottage

X: 203, Y: 401

Boat trailer by the Hermit's Cottage

X: 287, Y: 392

Sigrid's House - sitting on some boxes on the closest side to the outhouse.

X: 290, Y: 392

South Hoof Lighthouse

X: 275, Y: 377

Next to a tall rock by South Hoof Farm just off of the road that goes between the lighthouse and the farm.

X: 271, Y: 352

South Hoof Farm - on a hay bale near the cows under the tree.

X: 270, Y: 357

South Hoof Farm, by the Hanging laundry by Jonas' House

X: 264, Y: 367

Up the right side ramp of the Home Stable at South Hoof Farm

X: 263, Y: 355

By the well near the corn field at South Hoof Farm

X: 271, Y: 357

On Jonas' House Doorstep

X: 253, Y: 342

At the top landing of the Ferry Dock at South Hoof

X: 322, Y: 256

Birk's Grange by one of the houses

X: 326, Y: 302

Near the bridge at the Keel

X: 378, Y: 341

Facing the sea by the base of a red-leaved tree nestled in mushrooms which is near to a picnic/bbq area just outside of Dundull,

X: 381, Y: 349

Sitting on the Pen in Dundull where two Connemaras are held

X: 359, Y: 356

On the longest dock in dundull facing South Hoof. Violet the Ranger stands near this dock.

X: 382, Y: 359

At the base of the giant circular runestone in the middle of Dundull

X: 392, Y: 356

At Kit Shorthouse's Home where she sells foxes - on the porch.

X: 393, Y: 347

At the Dundull Stable where horses are sold. It used to sit on a green wheelbarrow, but the wheelbarrow has since been removed. Instead Tolkein is floating at the west side of the stable.

X: 391, Y: 348

To the left of the Dundull Trailer sitting on the hitching post.

X: 396, Y: 333

At Kora's Cottage - in front of house on crate with flower pots.

X: 395, Y: 315

At Berry Hill - on a rock near a clump of red and white mushrooms.
25 X: 391, Y: 298 At the Ranger Station sitting on a fence
26 X: 380, Y: 294 Take the road going up the right at the Wolves Den and follow it to the top of the mountain, token will be sitting by the big white tree
27 X: 380, Y: 320 Underneath the hill where a small cove of water is.
28 X: 381, Y: 307 On the upper levels of Bramble Gorge, Next to a tent at a campsite
29 X: 363, Y: 326 At the rest area on the Peregrine Trail (Only accessible once “Popular” with jorvik rangers)
30 X: 384, Y: 334 A tree stump next to a cut down tree along the Wagon Train Road

Chapter 5 - Epona, Golden Hills, Valley Of the Hidden Dinosaur[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1 X: 305, Y: 69 Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur to the left of the cabin near the elevator, standing up against some sheets of ice
2 X: 307, Y: 47 Sitting next to Nic Stoneground
3 X: 332, Y: 50 On top of the hill with the lightning rod
4 X: 331, Y: 38 In front of the Hidden Dinosaur’s mouth on a small hill near a couple of large rocks
5 X: 338, Y: 32 At the top of Icepeak Island in the small ice cave
6 X: 343, Y: 15 In the area with geysers by the bridge that leads to icepeak island
7 X: 319, Y: 11 Sitting in front of Icengate
8 X: 386, Y: 86 In the of Valley of Frozen Mist, on a fallen tree at the edge of the dead trees nearest the portal
9 X: 365, Y: 58 The top of the mountain at the ashen steep, the broken bridge leading to ashland.
10 X: 343, Y: 42 Next to the crashed Helicopter
11 X: 118, Y: 158 Goldenhills Valley at Jasper’s Pumpkin farm near the back right corner of the pumpkin patch
12 X: 119, Y: 149 At Jasper’s pumpkin farm in the potato patch left of the big brown barn
13 X: 55, Y: 158 Near a small fishing dock on the beaches near the Smuggler’s Cave
14 X: 86, Y: 134 On a small rock near the center of the Goldenhills Forest
15 X: 76, Y: 149 Behind a small brown fence near a brown shed
16 X: 118, Y: 126 Off to the right of Shadowhill Road heading towards the Witch Pi’s house
17 X: 43, Y: 71 Behind the Goldenhill Stables Arena in a rock crevice with a tree
18 X, 35, Y: 85 Inside the Goldenhill Stables sitting on a horse to the left
19 X: 29, Y: 127 Next to the lighthouse in Cape West Fishing Village
20 X: 38, Y: 122 Near the top of the Cape west village sitting on a post by a blue house
21 X: 71, Y: 317 In Epona next to a large rock in the center of a plowed field Near the Poisoned Pond
22 X: 49, Y: 314 On a steep hill near the edges of Shipwreck Shore
23 X: 72, Y: 344 Bordering Epona lake, sitting on a rock
24 X: 84, Y: 328 Near the crescent moon stables, in-between two houses sitting on a barrel next to some hay bales
25 X: 94, Y: 327 In Pamela Moonriver’s Flower garden, sitting on a bee box
26 X: 96, Y: 348 At the Buttergood Mansion to the right of the door sitting on a stump
27 X: 93, Y: 344 Outside the Buttergood Mansion sitting on a bush of red flowers
28 X: 113, Y: 321 In the Mirror Marshes sitting on a stump
29 X: 106, Y: 350 On the western side of the bridge spanning the great thunder. Between New Hillcrest and Old ridge caster
30 X: 124, Y: 323 In the Mirror marshes on a stone wall near Professor Hayden’s research spot
31 X: 130, Y: 305 At Observatory 12 up the rear ramp, sitting on the fencing.
32 X: 147, Y: 299 At Dew’s Old Paddock sitting on the fencing near the entrance
33 X: 169, Y: 277 Dew’s Farm, northwest of the well in the center of the farm.
34 X: 174, Y: 283 Dew’s Farm, on the fence near the entrance of the square paddock next to the three silos
35 X: 154, Y: 345 In the the periwinkle flowers patches of the road towards New Hillcrest stables
36 X: 144, Y: 346 At the rockwell family’s home on the right of the stone wall bordering the home
37 X: 138, Y: 338 In the middle of the New Hillcrest Homes, sitting on a blue chair
38 X: 129, Y: 347 New Hillcrest by the square paddocks, sitting on a hay bale next to a white bush by the Icelandic Horses
39 X: 142, Y: 376 On Sunset Island under a small tree
40 X: 127, Y: 345 On a fence post bordering the Sunflower patch in New Hillcrest
41 X: 95, Y: 275 Just inside the eastern Gate of Stormgarden Fields
42 X: 94, Y: 300 In Stormgarden in the Chicken coop next to Li Jian
43 X: 100, Y: 297 In Stormgarden in-between two cows near Ming Yue
44 X: 103, Y: 305 Follow the path from Crescent Moon Village up to Stormgarden. Before reaching the gate, on your right, Token is sitting on the cliff by an Evergreen tree.
45 X: 65, Y: 290 At Seahorse Beach, sitting on a a large log

Chapter 6 - The Secret Chapter[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1 X: 626, Y: -93 In Pandoria, west of the portal entrance, in a patch of mushrooms
2 X: 624, Y: -110 west of the portal, follow the path through the orange and purple kelp until you reach a blue cave. in the blue cave there will be two tunnels. The token will be in the entrance to the right tunnel.
3 X: 634, Y: -100 From where the fourth token is found, headsouth east through the pink and purple trees continue until you reach a clearing with white treelike coral formations, token will be in the middle next to a pink crystal
4 X: 626, Y: -113 From where the second token was found, head through the left hand side of the fork in the blue tunnel and head right when you reach the end. follow the path up until you are in between two sets of pink crystals, then jump to the path in front of you. Once on the opposite side, head right and follow the path. near the top you will notice the terrain change to that of five floating islands. once you reach the top of them face east and jump to the island in front of you. head through the blue tunnel on your left and you will find the token near the edge of the island past some giant mushrooms.
5 X: 635, Y: -104 Starting at the portal entrance again, head right and follow the path until you see large pink spikes and a black smoke monster. Jump over to that island and head left towards a forest of pink spikes. Avoid the other smoke monster.
6 X: 454, Y: 98 Stonecutter’s Vault directly in the entrance sitting on a stone pedestal.
7 X: 457, Y: 101 Stonecutter’s Vault Starting from the entrance head to the right through a doorway. follow the path to another doorway and turn right. Token will be sitting on a pedestal in a round room.
8 X: 8, Y: 8 Pier 13 near the first set of scaffolding
9 See Notes Inside the Pier 13 building inside the laboratory
10 X: 289,Y: 109 Inside the Valedale home where Justin is kept prisoner.
11 X: 289, Y: 109 Inside the same Valedale home where Justin is kept prisoner but this one is in the dungeon in Justin's cell.
12 X: 109, Y: 69 In Fripp’s secret home inside the secret stone circle.
13 X: 160, Y: 217 Inside the Ydris' circus tent near the middle of the ring.
14 X: 138, Y: 171 Inside Silverglade Manor on a table to the right of the entrance.
15 X: 265, Y: 100 Just outside the entrance to the secret stone circle.
16 X: 190, Y: 189 Inside the silverglade clock tower sitting on the face of the clock.
17 X: 184, Y: 213 In Silverglade castle at the top of the righthand staircase
18 X: 123, Y: 98 At Pi, the witch’s house, in her cauldron
19 X: 337, Y: 234 Just outside the Bear’s cave in Firgrove
20 X: 41, Y: 196 At the Forgotten fields at the ancient tree on a pedestal
21 X: 14, Y: 246 Jorvik stables on the staircase to the front of the barn
22 X: 234, Y: 274 At the top of the centermost tower of fort pinta
23 X: 43, Y: 253 Inside Thalia’s small theatre in Jarlaheim
24 X: 390, Y: 288 Follow the trail up the hill behind the ranger station. Once you reach the top with the red tree turn north and walk through the green bushes to reveal a hidden path. Token will be there.
25 X: 339, Y: 302 At the very end of the peregrine trail in the cave
26 X: 153, Y: 266 At the campsite where the soul riders meet up. Token is sitting on a saddle rack.
27 X: 122, Y: 297 At the bottom of The Cauldron in Epona
28 X: 133, Y: 301 Inside observatory 12, next to Mrs. X
29 X: 101, Y: 343 At the Twilight Temple sitting on a bench
30 X: 85, Y: 271 At the Unsuccessful gift behind Mrs. Pike’s house