Tiera Vaughan is a Jorvik Ranger, as well as a stable warden at Redwood Point who arrived with the rest of Rowan's expedition. She rides the Andalusian, Pegaso. She gives the player the Brissie's Adventures collection quest.


Tiera has worked her way up and became known as the youngest ranger in history. As she is constantly reading up on the latest scientific discoveries and theories, Tiera is very knowledgable about the wildlife in Jorvik. She can sometimes be unattentive as she is usually multitasking. Tiera is a good worker once she sets her mind to a task.


Tiera wears a red ranger jacket, deep green pants and brown boots and gloves. She has brown eyes and hair tied into a bun.

Tiera Full Body Shot


The name "Tiera" has a latin origin Terra meaning "Earth". In mythology, her name could be related to the Roman earth goddess Terra Mater. "Vaughan" has a Welsh and Irish origin meaning "small" or "junior".


  • Her birthday is on the 26th of October.