The Baroness' First Showjumping Track is one of the three showjumping tracks available in the Riding Arena. The track is hosted by Linn.


"[Player]! It's time to try to beat the record on The Baroness' Showjumping Track. This is owned by The Baroness and is the first showjumping track in the Silverglade Riding Arena. With a high level, the right gear and good riding skills, you might be able to beat the fastest riders. Remember you may have to take wider turns and adjust your speed to get a good result. You can't ride in a full gallop all the time if you want to be able to finish the track." - Linn


Run the showjumping track as fast as you can.

Finished race

"Congratulations, you completed The Baroness' First Showjumping Track!" - Linn