Tan is a racing leader who lives at the Moorland Stable. She's one of the leading members of the Bobcat Girls club together with her best friend Loretta.

When the player first meets Tan, she is very confident and a bit haughty. After seeing the player race, she does become friendlier.

"I’m not promising anything, but if you earn enough reputation with us maybe, just maybe, you could become a member of our club"

Tan is very fashion and style oriented girl, but also very warm and caring towards the people she likes. She is afraid of ghosts even though she tries to deny it. Tan is also known to be a bit careless and as she easily loses her things.

Players get to celebrate Tan's birthday together with other Bobcat club members early on in the game.

Tan doesn't trust Mr. Kembell or G.E.D and warns the player about them too.



  • Meeting the Bobcats
  • You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours
  • The Moorland Stables Riding Track
  • The Wild Bobcat Track
  • What Happened to Loretta?
  • Search Mission Continued
  • Loretta’s Ghost Story
  • Invisible, Like a Ghost



Tan is a Russian nickname for Tatijana, which is Tan's full name, the significance is uncertain.


  • With the update on Wednesday 2015-04-22 Tan received an updated look.

    New look for Tan

    Old look for Tan.

    Old Tan.

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