Starshine Legacy
Logo of Series
Logo of Series
Game Title Starshine Legacy
Original Title Starshine Leagacy
Game Series Mystery of the Soul Riders, Secret of Pine Hill Mansion, Legend of Pandoria and The Riddle of Dark Core
Publication Year 2005
Published in Sweden, USA, Norway, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Russia
Language Swedish, English, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and Russian
Publisher Stabenfeldt AB
Developer Pixel Tales
Genre Fantasy
Player Unknown
Format Unknown
Game Engine Pixel Tales Game Engine
Media Unknown
System Requirements Unknown
Producer Tom Olsson and Andreas Winell
Author Nils Gulliksson and Magnus Seter
Level Design Unknown
Character Design Oblivion Studios AB: Fredrik Englund
Sound Design Jättemedia: Jens Handell och Björn Haupmann
Graphic Design Oblivion Studios AB: Per Gullarp, Joakim Setterberg och Isak Bergh
Animations Oblivion Studios AB: Mikael Hansson
Programming Pixel Tales: Anders Åkerfeldt, Andreas Thorsén och Marcus Thorell
Game Design Tom Olsson, Nils Gulliksson, Marcus Thorell och Anders Åkerfeldt
Internet Page Unknown

Starshine Legacy, also known as SL or SSL is a game series of four games released in 2005 for the Penny Girl book clubs. The games were produced by Hidden Entertainment AB and Pixel Tales.

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!NOTE! This series is separate from Star Stable Online. Whilst SSO derived many characters and backstory from the series, it is no longer regarded as canonical. This series must be bought as a CD-ROM, and cannot be obtained online. It is currently available to be played on Star Stable's website for free through a web browser.


The four Soul Riders

The four games follow the four teenage girls with their horses. The girls must join forces to protect their beloved island before the evil Mr. Sands along with Sabine, Jessica and Katja manage to revive Garnok, a mysterious monster which have been lurking in the Jorvegian ocean for centuries.

Episode 1[]

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Mystery of the Soul Riders

The main character in the first episode is Lisa, who has just moved to Jorvik with her father. We start the game on her first day in school where she needs to find the janitor, so she can go to her first class. On the way she meets AnneLindaAlex, and the unusual Sabine. Soon she obtains Linda's stolen locker keys, who were dropped by Sabine. Even though she is scared of horses because of a riding accident, she goes to Jorvik Riding School to return the keys. There, she meets Anne and Sabine once again together with Herman, the owner of the stables. In her search for Linda she finds the sick horse Starshine, whom she immediately bonds with. When Starshine later disappears, Lisa does everything she can to find her new friend.

Episode 2[]

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The Secret of Pine Hill Mansion

The main character in the second episode is Linda. She owns the horse Meteor and is a very good student. The game begins with Linda trying to finish her schoolwork in time, so she can print out the school newspaper. After school, she hurries to the Jorvik Stables and there she realizes that she has the gift to see visions. Lisa calls her to say that she is stuck inside the abandoned Pine Hill Mansion. Linda rides there to save her, but while the two girls are still there, Mr. Sands arrives. They overhear his plans to hurt Herman. They both ride as fast as they can back to the stables, but Linda feels that something is wrong and instead goes to The Dam. There she saves Jorvik from a catastrophe.

Episode 3[]

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Legend of Pandoria

The main character in the third episode is Anne, who is very interested in fashion. She is trying to win a competition for a modelling contract with the perfume company Glamour No.5, but has some trouble with fellow competitor Jessica. She convinces the photographer Derek to join her at the Jorvik Stables to shoot her with her dressage horse Concorde. However, the presence of both Jessica and Mr. Sands seems to make Concorde sick and he collapses, when Jessica is taking a photo with him. Nobody knows what the problem is and Lisa advises Anne to seek help from Fripp. Fripp explains that Concorde's soul is in Pandoria, and that Anne needs to go to the other dimension to retrieve him. She succeeds and together they flee back to the stables, where she meets up with the other Soul Riders and Derek. There they find out that Derek isn't the one he said he was and in the end, Anne has to ride to Dark Core's platform and stop Mr. Sands and Jessica.

Episode 4[]

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The Riddle of Dark Core

The main character in the fourth episode is Alex, who is a bit of a tom-boy and owns the horse Tin-Can. In the beginning of the game, Alex has a disagreement with Mrs. Graham, the principal of the school, because she accidentally made her car explode. She receives detention, but needs to get to her brother, James, who is being bullied by Buck and calls for help. She succeeds with the help of Linda. Buck's sister, Katja, agrees with leaving James alone if Alex can beat her in the old Scarecrow Race upon Scarecrow HillKatja wins, which bewilders Alex,because she didn't see anything of her opponent during the race. The next day, James is gone and Linda get a vision where he's kidnapped by Katja, who will only let him go if she can have Tin-Can. She rides to Fripp and learns to use her Soul Rider power. Afterwards, Alex helps Linda to find her missing school books, which contain pictures of Garnok and the Soul Riders. Lisa calls and says that her father works on something called "The Garnok Project" in the middle of nowhere. The girls get worried and Alex visits the location on her way to Devil's Gap. She uses her power to get inside the building, where she meets Mr. Sands, defeats him and steals a book. The book contains The Ancient Codes of Pandoria and using them, Alex beats Katja in a race and wins back her brother. However, James has weird memories and when Linda helps him they see the horrid truth. Is it already too late to save their beloved Jorvik?

Comic book[]

The first game's story was adapted as a comic book and was released in two parts - The Arrival of the Soulriders and Dark Core Rising.

Book series[]

The game's story was adapted in book form via the Soul Riders triology. Written by Helena Dahlgren, the books are a modern rewrite of Starshine Legacy to fit the continuity of Star Stable Online.

Mobile Games[]

In a 2008 interview with IT24 and an update post on their website, SSL creators Hidden Entertainment mentioned a series of Starshine Legacy Mobile Games. There is no information on these other than that they would be developed by Jump Games India and not Pixel Tales. Mobile games most likely means handheld consoles since modern smartphones had only been around for about a year at the time of publishing. Interview:


  • The second episode is the only one in which you're not chased, need to hide or anything similar. This happens in all the other episodes.
  • The school building can also be found in the Star Academy series where Lisa also attends school.
  • To save time and money, some of the Jorvik Stables buildings have been copied from game to game and can thus also be seen in Star Academy, Star Stable (CD-ROM series) and Star Stable Online.
  • A statue that can be seen behind Elizabeth's house and in the (former) Silverglade village in Star Stable Online can also be found in Starshine Legacy. What the statue is and what it means remains a mystery.
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  • You can find these games on Amazon, however you must have a computer that is compatible with CD-ROMs.
  • In the Jorvik Stables racing segments, the crowd in the background features the main character, Yumi, from one of Hidden Entertainments other projects, Loophole Saga.
Loophole Saga Easter Egg

The Crowd at Jorvik Stables feature a character from one of Hidden's other projects, Loophole Saga

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