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Starshine Legacy: The Arrival of the Soulriders is the first part of the series' comic book format.


Lisa Peterson and her dad are moving from town to Jorvik, when Mr. Peterson got a job on Dark Core's oil platforms. During the trip to their new home, they talk about the island's horses and Lisa's riding accident when she was nine years old. They are interrupted when Mr. Peterson has to brake the moving car when a girl on a horse crosses the road. The girl introduces herself as Anne, on her horse Concorde, and insults Lisa before she rides on.

The next day at Jorvik stables, Herman is worried about the horse Starshine, who is very ill and very weak. Neither he nor the veterinarian Clarice really knows what to do with him.

At the same time, Lisa has gone through her first day at school, where she again meets Anne and a girl named Linda. Linda tells that she has a horse named Meteor and asks if Lisa wants to come with her to the stables. Lisa gets nervous and declines, but the girls exchange phone numbers before they part.

Lisa starts walking home, but sees a glittering little star-shaped brooch on the ground and bends down to take a closer look. While she is still bending over, a shadow rises over her, and as she looks up, she sees a mysterious man (Mr. Sands), who asks if she feels special. Lisa straightens up and quickly starts to leave, but when the man suggests that he knows how her mother died, she panics and runs. Since she already holds her phone in her hand, she quickly takes a photo of the man while she runs as fast as she can, without really realizing where she is going. As she stops to catch her breath, a new figure emerges, and she becomes really scared before she sees that it is a girl of her age, who cheerfully greets her. She presents herself as Alex, and it turns out that Lisa ended up outside the gates of Jorvik stables. She follows Alex in, where they meet Linda. Alex goes off and Lisa tells Linda about the mysterious man, and shows the picture she took of him. Linda says he looks familiar, and just then Herman shows up.

The three enter the stable, and because Herman wants to talk to Linda, she asks Lisa to look around. Lisa moves into the stable, where she feels uncomfortable, but suddenly she hears a voice in her head that seems to think the same thoughts as she does. Just then Linda appears and Lisa goes with her to another room.

Lisa, Linda and Herman sit down together and drink cocoa. Linda produces an old book about Jorvik's history, and finds out where she has seen the mysterious man before - he seems to be present in a picture that is over a hundred years old. Herman says that the picture was taken at a time when Dark Core started drilling in the ground around Jorvik, and that a horse became ill in connection with the drilling - just like now is Starshine. Then Anne shows up, who happily proclaims that she will win this weekend's competition, because no one can beat her and Concorde. Herman says that it may not be entirely true, and asks Lisa to come with him.

Clarice takes out Starshine, and Herman talks to Lisa, who reluctantly agreed to ride him. Herman says that Starshine has the same star-shaped birthmark that Lisa has, and that he has no problem believing in "a cosmic chance". Starshine is weak, but at the same moment Lisa touches him, she realizes that it is Starshine's voice she heard. She mounts the horse, and Starshine suddenly seems to have regained his life. She rides for a while and also jumps a few obstacles, and when she is ready to dismount, she knows that she has found a lifelong friend in the horse. Lisa and Linda leave for the evening, and Herman watches them, pleased with how it ended. However, he gets a blow in the back of his head and faints.

Lisa and Linda talk happily on the way home, but Lisa soon realizes that she forgot her cellphone in the stable. The girls go back and Linda immediately becomes suspicious, because the stable door is left open. They enter the stable, where they find Herman lying in a stall. He is horrified that strange men broke into the stable and stole Starshine. The comic book ends with a "To be continued".