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Starshine Legacy: Dark Core Rising is the second part of the series' comic book format.


The story continues exactly where the previous part ended. Linda, Lisa and Herman are confused and do not understand, why Starshine was stolen. Linda points out everything indicates that the mysterious events have something to do with Lisa, which Lisa waved away from.

At the same time in the Ridgemore Dig Site, Mr. Sands and his companions have come with Starshine. Mr. Sands announces that he will release his master (Garnok) and Starshine hopes Lisa will come and help him out.

In the Jorvik stables, Lisa suddenly collapses and she asks Linda to call her dad, who is out and working on one of Dark Core's oil platforms. Mr. Peterson immediately tries to get ashore, but is stopped by Dark Core's workers, who received a false alarm that Mr. Peterson is a security threat.

Linda and Herman get Lisa to safety, and while they are unaware of the situation on the oil platform awaiting Mr. Peterson, Alex comes running with a badge she found in Starshine's box. The badge has a Dark Core mark on it, along with the name Ridgemore Dig Site. Herman says the facility is abandoned, and that it is far away in Ridgemore Canyon. At that moment, Lisa wakes up again, and she says that she feels different. With just a little movement, she heals the big bump Herman received after being beaten earlier in the evening, before asking Linda to saddle up Meteor. The two girls ride off to the abandoned facility, and Herman decides to call the policeman Conrad.

Conrad goes straight to the stables at the same time as the girls ride the other way, and as they cross the road, a collision is inevitable. The girls are thrown off Meteor and Conrad faints in his car.

At the same time, Anne is waiting outside Leonardo's after receiving a text message. Alex shows up and tells her that she also got one, which turned out to be false. Then Fripp shows up, and tells the girls about the Soul Riders. As he asks them to look into their hearts, Lisa awakens to life at the accident, though in a dark mist. She sees that both Linda and Meteor are injured, but she can't reach them. She follows the mysterious light she sees, and suddenly, standing in the sacred forest glade, she learns about the history of the Soul Riders through various inscriptions. Fripp suddenly shows up at her side and tells her to go after Starshine.

Meanwhile, Herman has arrived at the scene of the accident and Conrad has woken up. Linda is also awake, but Meteor is badly injured and Linda is devastated.

Lisa arrives at the Ridgemore Dig Site and sneaks in. She soon finds Starshine, but just as she reaches him, Mr. Sands shows up. He has not got any time to do anything before Lisa calls him by his real name, Sangordha, which according to Pandoria's codes drains his powers. She throws herself up on Starshine's back and rides off from the scene in full gallop. Mr. Sands looks sternly at her and realizes that he underestimated the Soul Riders.

At the scene of the accident, Meteor is near death. Alex and Anne have appeared and are standing at a distance, worried, while Linda is on her knees next to her horse. Then Lisa comes with Starshine, and she heals Meteor with a simple move. The four girls gather and now they know need to stay together. Herman tells Conrad to repair his police car, because he is sure things will change in the future.


  • In addition, there are information sheets about Linda, Alex, Herman and Jorvik stables together with covers of the four PC games. A big picture with the four Soul Riders as warriors is also included.