Starshine is Lisa's horse. He was previously owned and raised by Herman.


Starshine is known for his unusual coloring. He is white, with a blue mane and tail. He also sports a blue nose marking.


Starshine in Star Stable Online.

Starshine Legacy

In Starshine Legacy Starshine is Lisa's horse that she rides and takes care of for the whole game.

Star Stable Online

Starshine is first found roaming Greendale when the player reaches the Harvest Counties.

Once the player's level is enough Starshine foretells the player of how he and Lisa were separated. After Lisa returned from musical tour to Jorvik the two went off for a ride in The Forgotten Fields.

But Starshine lost some of his memory and was knocked out but knew Lisa was gone. He looked through the stables and everywhere including Greendale for her but found no trace. And yet, the player speaks of finding Lisa.

The two begin their search for clues in the Northern Greydew Mountains. Starting the search the player finds a burned silhouette into the mountain bringing Starshine here. And remembers that he and Lisa were ambushed by Dark Riders continuing the duo finds a Pandoric crack with Lisa inside.

In an effort to communicate with her Starshine asks Lisa how on they can get her out. Lisa speaks of the Sleeping Widow and yet stays behind to keep the crack open. Through the tree's help he and Lisa are reunited and saves the player from the dark riders.

Then, he, the soul riders and the player travel to the Dark Core's oil rig to rescue Justin and during the attempt she was amazed that the player's horse was able to fly. After taking Justin to the druids she and the others were shocked that he was arrested.

In another quest Starshine, Lisa and the player go the Guardian's Dale where a statue of him lights up when he gets close. Next, he went off with Lisa on another mission upon their return they were happy to see that the others Concorde.

Starshine statue

Starshine's Statue (lit up) in the Guardian's Dale, in Star Stable Online.


  • Starshine is a special breed of horse called a Star Horse. He is currently the only known horse of this breed in the game.
  • In the collections journal Starshine is referred to as a "Jorvegian Warmblood", despite Lisa and other character's stating otherwise in SSO and previous games.