Starshine is Lisa's horse. He was previously owned and raised by Herman.


He is said to have a wild spirit.


Starshine is known for his unusual coloring. He is white, with a blue mane and tail. He also sports a blue nose marking.


Starshine in Star Stable Online.

Starshine Legacy

In Starshine Legacy Starshine is Lisa's horse that she rides and takes care of for the whole game.

Star Stable Online

Starshine is first found roaming Greendale when the player reaches the Harvest Counties.

Once the player's level is enough Starshine foretells the player of how he and Lisa were separated. After Lisa returned from musical tour to Jorvik the two went off for a ride in The Forgotten Fields. But Starshine lost some of his memory and was knocked out but knew Lisa was gone. He looked through the stables and everywhere including Greendale for her but found no trace. And yet, the player speaks of finding Lisa.

The two begin their search for clues in the Northern Greydew Mountains. Starting the search the player finds a burned silhouette into the mountain bringing Starshine here. And remembers that he and Lisa were ambushed by Dark Riders continuing the duo finds a Pandoric crack with Lisa inside. In an effort to communicate with her Starshine asks Lisa how on they can get her out. She speaks of the Sleeping Widow and yet stays behind to keep the crack open. Through the tree's help he and Lisa are reunited and saves the player from the dark riders.

Sometime later, they pay their thanks to the Sleeping Widow. That's when the Ancient Tree spoke of needing something in return upon asking the tree asked the girls to help reestablish it's connection with the other Primeval Trees. When the Sleeping Widow refers to the Primeval Tree in Scarecrow Hill, they quickly realized that the tree wanted it's roots to stretch across the water. Surprised Lisa mentioned hearing the legend of Aideen doing it with her harp while riding over the water and thought it was just a story.

After finding Aideen's harp, the trio started playing the music as the roots begin to stretch over the water. With the roots reconnected they discovered that Aideen's feat wasn't legend but real.

Then, he, the soul riders and the player travel to the Dark Core's oil rig to rescue Justin and during the attempt she was amazed that the player's horse was able to fly. After taking Justin to the druids she and the others were shocked that he was arrested.

When it's time to rescue Anne after the player returns with the Pandorian Keystone, Starshine and the others want to go with the player to rescue her; Fripp forbids them because he needs their help in keeping the portal opened and wishes the player luck. When the player returns with no success she informs them that she was stopped by Darko. As Darko and Garnok force their way into the Secret Stone Circle, the Soul Riders are restrained by his power. Fripp uses his powers to destroy the Keystone, forcing them out and saving everyone, leaving the magical squirrel in a weakened state. Lisa hears him speak of Evergray before he passes out.  

With Evergray's name unknown to them the group leaves to talk with Avalon who tells them that he is his brother and a former druid but was banished for knowing too much and asking for his whereabouts they hear he is in New Hillcrest. After picking up his luggage, Starshine, Lisa and the player are brought to Guardian's Dale by Evergray. They learn that the Soul Riders can use this portal to get back to Pandoria. While exploring, Lisa and Starshine go near the statue and it begins to glow. She worries about Anne and leaves until being talked down by the player.  

With attempts to rescue Anne put on hold, the Soul Riders all focus on finding Concorde, but the Dark Rider Katja tells them he is gone. However, hope wasn't lost, as Elizabeth tells Lisa that Starshine, Meteor, Concorde and Tin-Can are Starbreeds meaning that they can be reborn again. Once Starshine and Lisa return from another mission they are surprised to see that the others have rescued Concorde. Now with the Starbreeds back together, he and the others are determined to save Anne. After the keystone was complete he and Lisa heard that the player was under threat by Sabine and along with Alex came to the rescue. With the keystone secured all the Soul Riders and their horses spend the day at their special campsite in Epona and listen to the riders tell stories about Anne then when night came he heard Lisa played "I'll Be There" on her guitar.

When morning comes everyone leaves for Guardian's Dale. But was surprised to see Concorde acting up when Elizabeth was nearby that's when Rhiannon explained that Concorde and Elizabeth bonded their souls together a long time ago. With the Soul Rider's powers they were able to open the portal. Once in Pandoria, she and Linda expressed the joy of not being there in while however Alex didn't feel the same. They make it to Anne's crystal prison but soon Darko comes talking on about how he used Anne in their experiments to create something called Dark Sun to quicken Garnok's release. But he was shocked when Darko's magic teleported Alex and the player away. Once they returned Lisa told them that Darko left after they did using the chance they try to figure a way to get Anne out.

Soon their missing member was freed by Concorde who releases her by kicking the crystal but when Anne doesn't recognize the Concorde she knew Alex says that his soul lives on in her. Soon they realize Darko was trying to close the portal and they all raced to get back.

Once through, Starshine thought everyone made it but realized Alex and Tin-Can weren't here and thought they were right behind them. Soon Tin-Can came back without his rider and was shocked to hear from him that Alex was fighting Darko alone but looked on with worry as the player and Elizabeth went after her and saw the portal close. Refusing to give up hope he hears Lisa start to sing "I'll Be There" in the hopes that it would guide them back home, seeing the portal, he is happy too see Alex and the player safe and sound.

However, returning to the campsite Starshine was informed by Alex of Elizabeth's demise saying it was all her fault but they told Alex not to blame herself and that the five ride as one as a sisterhood.

Starshine statue

Starshine's Statue (lit up) in the Guardian's Dale, in Star Stable Online.


  • Starshine is a special breed of horse called a Star Horse. He is currently the only known horse of this breed in the game.
  • In the collections journal Starshine is referred to as a "Jorvegian Warmblood", despite Lisa and other character's stating otherwise in SSO and previous games.
  • He is said to be the fastest of the Soul rider horses.
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