The Star Stable Guide consists of six different pages containing facts about the game and can be found in My Stable on the web. The player can reach the Star Stable Guide by clicking on the yellow exclamation mark.


Page One: A World Of Horses

Welcome to the Star Stable Guide. Within these pages you can find information about the game that will help you prepare for your online adventures. Read up on the world, how to play and much more.

Page Two: Getting Help

Everybody needs assistance from time to time, in Star Stable you can find help in many ways. You can: 

  • Read the FAQ and other help texts on
  •  Press the "?" button near the map in the game to open the "Help Menu".
  • Ask other players in the Chat.
  • Send an email to the Game Support and get help from a Game Master.

Page Three: Controls

Use the arrow buttons or the A, S, W and D buttons on your keyboard to control you character. Controlling your horse:

  • W - Accelerate
  • S - Slow down / move backwards
  • A and D - Turn to left and right
  • X - Stop
  • SPACE - Jump (once you learn how)

You can also control your horse with the mouse. Read more about this in the "Help Menu".

Page Four: Jorvik

Jorvik is an island known for its friendly people, beautiful nature, vast natural resources, and most of all, horseback riding. Every summer hundreds of girls and boys from all over the world come to Jorvik to practise their riding at the island's riding camps. One of the most famous camps is Moorland Stable, located in Silverglade's southern coast.

Page Five: Factions

in Jorvik there are many factions of people. Some friendly , some mystical, some fun and some that are outright hostile. Play your cards right and befriend them and you could get all sorts of benefits. Some well known factions are:

  • Moorland Stables - Owned and run by Thomas Moorland and his son Justin.
  • G.E.D. - Global Energy Domination. Out to exploit Jorvik's natural resources.
  • Silverglade Village - The heart of Silverglade.
  • Dark Core - A mystical corporation searching for something buried deep beneath the island.
  • Keepers of Aideen - Druids living in the forests and mountains of Jorvik.

Page Six: Subscribe today - Become a Star Rider!

By subscribing to Star Stable you become a Star Rider. This is the best way to get the full experience of Star Stable with many advantages. To become a Star Rider, visit the web shop at and upgrade your account today!


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