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Star Stable: The Autumn Rider

The Autumn Rider is the first game in the series of Star Stable.

!NOTE! This game is separate from Star Stable Online. It has to be bought for you to be able to play it, and it can not be downloaded.


The player starts their adventure at Jorvik Stables where they meet Herman who functions as the tutorial. After receiving their riding gear and learning how to take care of their horse, the player can freely explore the map and complete quests as well as earn medals in various courses all the while maintaining their horse's needs. The starter horse can't be chosen, but more breeds can be obtained throughout the game by using Stable Points, a currency earned by completing quests and requests from message boards. Horses cannot be named or customised.

Horse movement[]

The horse controls employ a speedometer which visualizes the horse's current gait. When the black needle begins flashing red, the player must press either W or S to keep the current gait or to slow down. Upgrading the Command skill in the character menu increases the time between the intervals in which movement controls need to be input again.

Horse needs[]


"Wellbeing", exhaustion, hunger, thirst, cleanliness and XP can be tracked here.

In SS:TAR the player must keep their horse's needs up in order for it to perform well. Its needs are displayed on the bottom left of the screen in form of differently coloured bars.

  • Yellow - Stamina (tiredness)
  • Red - Exhaustion (how long the horse can sprint)
  • Orange - Hunger
  • Green - Cleanliness
  • Blue - Thirst
  • Orange - XP

These needs can be taken care of anywhere. The player must purchase food, a bucket and a brush first. Some foods can be gathered out in the field.

Day and Night time[]


The player's home at Jorvik Stables.

The game also employs a day and night cycle. During the day the player can accept and complete quests as well as freely explore the map. When the sun sets however the player must return to their resting place in order to sleep and advance to the next day.


As their adventure progresses, the player can collect medals for various instances. There are three attainable medals for each of these instances. The instances include jumping, command training and endurance.

Skills and Stats[]


The stat menus for rider and the starter horse.

In SS:TAR the player can influence their rider's skills by applying skill points after level up. Each level up grants 30 skill points which can be spent to increase a set of skills: Riding, Command, Jumping and Caring. Riding determines how fast and far the player can ride their horse. Command decreases the time a horse needs to change gait. Jumping increases how far the horse can jump. Caring speeds up the time it takes the rider to take care of their horse. Horses have stats as well, but they cannot be manually increased. The stats are Strength, Speed, Discipline and Endurance. Different breeds will have different distributions of these stats.


Similarly to SS:O the player must complete quests in order to advance the game. Quests are only available during daytime.



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