Star Stable is the name of a game series, produced around 2008 by Stabenfeldt, Hidden Entertainment, Pixel Tales and Penny Girl. The games also lie as a base for Star Stable Online. The series consists of four games:

!NOTE! This series is separate from Star Stable Online. The games have to be bought for you to be able to play them, and they can not be downloaded.

Game summary[]

Every game takes place in a different part of Jorvik, and has the main plot of the player having to go from being a rider without much experience to winning a high-prestige competition in which few have the possibility of participating. On the way towards this competition the player meets many different characters who all want help with something, and these quests lead the player to new places and new people.

In each of the games the player starts out at a stable, where the stable warden teaches them how to ride and care for their horse. The player then gets to explore the surroundings and work his or her way upwards.

The Autumn Rider[]

The player meets Herman at the Jorvik Stables, who introduces her to her horse and a couple of riding tracks. The player then gets to explore a large area and train cross country and endurance riding on her way to the great Claymore Challenge.

The Winter Rider[]

The player starts out meeting Eric Lowe at the Meander Stable, who introduces them to the horse Bella. The player fights to become a better show jumper while they makes their way toward the famous Decker Horse Show.

The Spring Rider[]

Jordan Jet has taken over the Rockville Stable and the player meets her for the first time. Jordan lends the horse Bella to the player and explains her dream about starting a riding camp in the area, but the owners of Bayridge Stables and Beauvista Stables are sceptic. The player meets many talented riders as she works toward competing in the dressage competition at the riding school of Rodilla.

The Summer Rider[]

Herman's brother Coyote comes home after many years in USA and the player gets to help him with starting a western center in Jorvik. The player starts her journey with Coyote's riding school horse Old Faithful and goes on many adventures in the area. While the player learns more about western riding she works towards competing in the Lone Star Rodeo.


  • Several characters from the Starshine Legacy games return as NPCs.
  • Just as in Starshine Legacy, Star Academy and Star Stable Online, it's only possible to play as a girl.
  • In other languages, the game’s titles vary. In the Hungarian version, the game’s titles translate to Autumn Riders, Snowy Trails, The Champion of Spring, and On Summer’s Island.
  • The games are available in English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Russian, German, Hungarian and Polish.

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