Being a Star Rider (SR) means that you're a paying member of Star Stable Online. As a Star Rider you get access to many exciting game features as well as all the areas on Jorvik. Every Saturday all the Star Riders receive a weekly allowance of 100 Star coins

Become a Star Rider

On Star Stable Online website you'll be able to select which Star Rider subscription you'd like to buy. You can subscribe for a month, three months, or choose a Lifetime subscription. There is also a pay by mobile option. If you're not a Lifetime subscriber you can become a Star Rider again once your subscription has ended. 

Star Coins (SC)

Once you buy a Star Rider subscription, you will be given a specific amount of Star Coins once: the longer your subscription, the more you get at the beginning. The one-month subscription gives you 100 SC (at the beginning only) the three-month subscription gives you 300 SC, and the lifetime subscription will give you 1200 SC normally.


  • Receive a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins every week
  • Create your own riding club
  • Explore the whole of Jorvik
  • Solve the hundreds of quests in Jorvik
  • Be able to access levels above level 5
  • Limited items only for Star Riders
  • Buy horses only available to Star Riders


  • Jumping used to be only usable by Star Riders, but in the Wednesday update 2018-06-27 it became available for everyone.

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