Star Academy: Showtime! is the second game in the Star Academy series. The song performed in this game is called Spotlights.

!NOTE! This game is separate from Star Stable Online. It has to be bought for you to be able to play it, and it can not be downloaded.

Game summary[]

The end of semester challenge is approaching, sponsored by Herman, Leonardo and Clarence Stillwater. Preparations for the performance are divided into three parts, in which each sponsor gives a puzzle. On the first day, Herman gives a horse puzzle, so the player goes to the stables to look for clues. There she talks with Jerry and a few other people who share their thoughts on this topic. Then the player meets Kevin to try out his new chorus, when one of her friends calls her. It turns out that the player has to win a dance battle with Lilith to be able to practice in the dance hall. They manage to win, but they do not manage to prepare the choreography, because they are called to the hall to perform.

The next day, the player with one of the girls goes to the mall. They worry about the third friend who doesn't respond to messages. Later, they go to the ice cream parlor, where Herman announces four of them as winners, and Leonardo gives the next part of the puzzle. They go to school to practice dancing when they receive a phone call, that the last of the girls has not returned home last night. The player finds her in the stables, locked in a barn. Then he learns from Kevin the words of the second verse and performs on stage at Leonardo's.

On the third day of preparation, the friends go to Dark Chord Records to learn about their second win and hear the mystery of Clarence Stillwater. The group prepares lyrics, choreography and stylization for the performance, but this time, Lance and Lilith win. The final verdict is to be announced by Miss Rita, so the quartet gives its best in the last performance.


  • While solving the first puzzle in the stables, one of the characters tells the player that the special horses Starshine, Meteor, Concorde and Tin-Can used to be wild horses before.

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