Star Academy: Breakthrough! is the third game in the Star Academy series. The song performed in this game is called Don't Have the Time.

!NOTE! This game is separate from Star Stable Online. It has to be bought for you to be able to play it, and it can not be downloaded.

Game summary[]

There is a fallout in the team. The player goes dancing in The Projects and shopping to forget about the unpleasant events, when Kevin calls her and offers to practice a new song that he wrote under the influence of arguing. Soon after that, Leonardo tells them to come to his restaurant because the other two girls refused. The show attracts the attention of Mr. Wetton, brother of Herman and the owner of Black Light club. The man offers them a place as a backup dancer at the Raptor comeback concert that is scheduled to take place on the same day.

Soon after, Pierre calls the player, complaining about the unbearable behavior of one of the girls. I suggest that the player meet her in Dark Chord Records and comfort her, but as a result her friends argue even more. The player dances on a concert with the famous Raptor and Lilith, practices singing with Kevin and shows the new version of the song to Mr. Wetton in Black Light.

However, since the song is still not ready, Kevin is refining the final version for the evening performance, and the player goes to The Projects to practice the choreography. The performance is successful, and just before the encore, the player manages to reconcile with friends. All four are perform at the encore and Mr. Wetton offers them a contract.


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