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Star Academy is a game series produced by Hidden Entertainment and Pixel Tales. Even though the game takes place in Jorvik, it's about singing, dancing and performing rather than horses.

NOTE! This series is separate from Star Stable Online. The games were originally sold as CD-ROMs but they aren't available anymore.

Game summary[]

In each of the games the player gets to chose which character to play as - Brittany, Kyomi or Lisa - and the two not chosen will show up during the game, together with Kevin. These four make up the band The Flaming Quartet. The player then has to follow the storyline and practise singing and dancing in order to perform at different points in the game. In each game, a different song is in the spotlight.

The goal of the whole game series is to enroll in to Star Academy, do well in school and later make an album for the company Black Light Records, and win the sing-off at the Jorvik Arena.


The player is auditioning in the hopes to get accepted at Star Academy, the musical school of Jorvik. With the help of musical genius Kevin and two other new found friends, she might be able to follow her dream.


Months later the girls and Kevin are preparing for the annual music show at the school, but bad luck seems to follow the group wherever they go.


After summer break, the girls have a great fight and only one of them sticks around with Kevin, who writes a new song. The two are soon discovered by Mr. Wetton, who owns the night club Black Light, but the disagreement among the three girls threaten to split the group apart forever.


The girls are back together again and are preparing for a great sing-off at the Jorvik Arena. Lance and Lilith won't back down without a fight though.

Comic book[]

Part of the story has also been published as a comic book called Spotlight. It is divided into two parts: Audition and Showtime.


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