Stables can be found all around Jorvik.

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The stable at Steve's Farm.

Star Stable[]

In the Star Stable series, the player may visit a few different stables in each game. Each stable have stable chores, which the player can complete to earn Jorvik Shillings. Each stable also have different horses for sale.

The Autumn Rider[]

The Winter Rider[]

The Spring Rider[]

The Summer Rider[]

Star Stable Online[]

In Star Stable Online, one of the stables always will serve as the player's home stable, also known as MyStable. The player starts out at the Moorland Stable, but can change their home stable by paying 25 Star Coins at another stable. It is only possible to live at one stable at a time. In the stable, the player will have access to more storage for clothes and equipment, as well as stalls for up to 18 horses (including the one the player is currently riding). The rest of the horses live on the pasture, where players can easily access and swap out their horses as they wish. The bulletin board in the home stable gives the player access to the Stable Care Help. Each stable has stable chores, which the player can complete to earn Jorvik Shillings.

Horse trailers are available at each stable for easier transportation around Jorvik.


  • Previously, the player had to care for their horse each day, which had to be done nearby a stable or in the area next to the riding arena. However, on Februrary 10th, 2021, Star Stable changed it so that players may care for their horse anywhere.