Spiders are a game mechanic similar to the Fallen Stars. There are large brown, green, and blue spiders throughout Star Stable Online. Spiders, unlike Fallen Stars, do serve a purpose as part of a quest involving Professor Hayden. Collecting all of them will result in completion of the quest as well as a full set of tack.

The amount of spiders collected in an area can be seen when clicking the "journal" button on the user interface or simply pressing the "J" button on your keyboard.

Finding Spiders


After receiving the quest from Professor Hayden to search for the baby spiders, the babies will be placed in select areas all over Jorvik.

Unlike the stars, which make no indicators to their presence, once near a baby spider, the player will be able to hear a squeaking, almost meowing sound, that grows louder the closer the player is.


The player will be rewarded by Hayden for finding the baby spiders. Depending on the amount you've collected you will receive a special piece of tack from Hayden.

Number of Spiders Reward
10 Leg Wraps
20 Bridle
40 Saddle Pad
60 Saddle
80 Saddle Bag
100 Walking Pet Spider


There are 100 baby spiders in-game. Below you will find the location and the coordinates to the spiders in-game.

  • Do not add location coordinates and information if getting to that area requires bugs, glitches, or exploitative actions to the game.

Eastern Epona

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:118 Y:369 At Fort Maria on the wall by the door
2. X:156 Y:364 Next to the bridge to South Hoof, out on Mirror Rocks
3. X:166 Y:331 Is hiding in the cattails, on the sand
4. X:168 Y:305 On the cliff next to the runestone heading down towards the water.
5. X:166 Y:273 At Dew's Farm inside the barn. crawling on wall
6. X:135 Y:275 In the Guardian's Dale, behind the winged statue
7. X:106 Y:345 Under a rock jutting out from The Great Thunder
8. X:99 Y:397 On the Old Wreck
9. X:188 Y:274 On a rock in the water
10. X:132 Y:301 Inside Observatory 12, in an open box on the bottom level


Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:301 Y:211 At Silverglade Mines, on the second story at the back side. You can jump from the rock at the back onto the roof, jump over the next taller roof, and then the spider is on the wall.
2. X:271, Y:225 In the Apple Grove, in an apple bucket under a ladder
3. X:258, Y:251 From Starshine Ranch go SW to the beach along the river. Spider is on a tiny dock out in the water next to the Fisherman's Hut and picnic spot.
4. X:340 Y:232 In the cave with the bear (dismount and go around the edge of the inside of the cave). Stay as close to the wall as you can to avoid waking the bear.
5. X:327 Y:224 At the Mountain Dumping Site in the bush between the cement pipe and the bags of cement.
6. X:249 Y:189 Under the bridge on the Firgrove side
7. X: 342 Y:159 From Firgrove take the Firgrove Mountain Passage. As you reach the top, the spider is on a large tree on your right, beside the cliff.
8. X:296 Y:161

Follow the mountain path from Firgrove (aka the Red String trail) up to the top until you've reached X:311 Y:150. Turn left and follow the green/grassy path until you've reached the Primeval Tree at X:305 Y:153. Continue SW past the Primeval Tree and over the rock with the dirt path. Follow the dirt path to the Highest Point in Jorvik (X:293 Y:163). Turn right and walk along the dirt path atop the mountain crest to the coordinates on the left. The spider is on the side of the mountain.

9. X:343 Y:170 In a white flowerbox on a building next to the cafe
10. X:344 Y:224 On the ground to the left of the door between the stacked barrels outside the barn where the spies live.

Fort Pinta

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:231 Y:258 In-between two rocks to the right of the fishing dock, just beneath the city.
2. X:247 Y:275 Underneath the elevated dock at the beach.
3. X:245 Y:246 Wedged between rocks in water 
4. X:243 Y:233 At Doyle's Abbey on the outer side of the wall.
5. X:229 Y:264 Inside the cannon on the deck between James and Sindra.

Goldenhills Valley

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:116 Y:156 Hiding in the pumpkin field near two groups of pumpkins.
2. X:53 Y:145 On the back of Scarecrow Hill on the side of the cliff, you must jump to reach
3. X:78 Y:146 Overhanging a small hill just south of Scarecrow Hill. Approach from the grassy side and it's just on the other side of the top of the cliff.
4. X:104 Y:158 By the water, near a runestone on a beach in a small dip to the south of the entrance to GHV.
5. X:53 Y:134 Blue spider on the back of a barrel towards the end of the Labyrinth shore.
6. X:45 Y:89 Between some rocks by the water at Goldenleaf Stables where you cross from the stables to Aideen's Ascent.
7. X:35 Y:141 Sitting on a tire pin the dock - the last tire on the left before you reach the ferry.
8. X:47 Y:106 Head to X:45, Y:89 and cross the water to Aideen's Ascent. Follow the path to the right and up to the cave Smuggler's Roost. Inside the front right wall of the cave. You will have to jump to get it.
9. X:76 Y:131 On a tree trunk in the Goldenleaf Forest. Just past Scarecrow Hill on the Golden Road, take the path down into the Forest that starts at X:68 Y:135. At the bottom of the hill, the path ends in a T intersection with the race path. The bigger tree to your left, just past a race obstacle is the one with the spider.
10. X:120 Y:100 At Pi, the witch's house underneath the ramp to the second floor railing

The Harvest Counties

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:62 Y:259 In a flower field at Seahorse Point
2. X:45 Y:253 In Jarlaheim at Jarlaheim wall in a turret on the ceiling
3. X:57 Y:203 In the Forgotten Fields, at the top of the twisting hill 
4. X:99 Y:194 Near the riding hall at the river, on a small rock
5. X:58 Y:178 By the runestone
6. X:43 Y:272 By the broken bridge on Paddock Island
7. X:43 Y:253 Inside Thalia’s Studio in a box
8. X: 109 Y:242 Up in the Tree House hanging to the trunk
9. X:78 Y:188 This spider moves around circumference of this hill outward from the base, you may need to log in multiple times to catch it 

Jorvik City

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:14, Y:14 At Pier 13 on the lower edge of the dock
2. See Notes At Pier 13 in the large building in the middle of the area, in the lab portion, in the open cage near the back
3. X:10, Y:2 At Aideen's plaza in a pink flower bush next to the building beside the big tree with the sleeping man (not the café).  
4. X:8 Y:8 At Governor’s Fall on back of stage in the ice cream parlor
5. X:5 Y:7 At Governor's Fall in the shop window in the dog bed


Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:323 Y:265 In the wheat field at Birk's Grange
2. X:326, Y:302 Under the bridge, you can walk into the water on the cliff-side of the bridge to reach it.
3. X:370, Y:342 Out on a rock in the ocean to the right of some tall grasses.  
4. X:379 Y: 351 Under Councilman Skoll's house
5. X:377 Y:334 First house on the left after the last bridge before Dundull. Inside the house, under the bed
6. X:389 Y:292 Take the path up behind the ranger station and it's under an upturned tree root on the outcropping.
7. X:372 Y:305 In bushes next to a tree stump and tree on near the edge of a cliff on top of the Bramble Gorge tunnel.
8. X:363 Y:293 On the highest cliff above the Wolves Den, in some bushes around the center of the cliff
9. X:382 Y:319 Walking along the dirt wall at a small tunneled entrance to the lake.
10. X:373 Y:322 Floating in the lake just off a small peninsula with a boathouse and boat - take the small path on the left just before the last bridge before you get to Dundull.


Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:188 Y:246 Inside the stable area, hidden in some white flowers against the wall by a door.
2. X:192 Y: 254 On the side of Ms. Holdsworth’s house, next to her onion patch
3. X:217 Y:249 In the boat on the right, behind Mr. cod  
4. X:180, Y; 228 Inside Damascus mine, found crawling up and down the backside of the wooden column
5. X:214 Y:233 Inside Jasper’s old barn

Silverglade Acres

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:181 Y:213 Right balcony of Silverglade Castle on a column.
2. X:203 Y:220 On the edge of a cliff just past the rune circle overlooking the old construction site in moorland.
3. X:186 Y:192 On the back of a red house, on the ladder. (post silverglade update; previously on second tier of fountain)
4. X:139 Y:160 On a web in the wine cellar, first room on the left with shelves of barrels.
5. X:152 Y:179 Second tier of grapes leading up to the Manor, before you get to the fenced in vineyard - look under the pipe.
6. X:168 Y:116 At the blocked entrance of Northlink
7. X:166 Y:142 On the hill
8. X:129 Y:211 At the edge of Southsilver waters by Birch Hill
9. X:109 Y:201 By Southsilver waters on a rock
10. X:199 Y:140 Hiding in a bush

South Hoof Peninsula

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:177 Y: 352 In the grass near the peninsula's north tip
2. X:184 Y:378 In a hole by the trunk of the Singing Yew
3. X:215 Y:357 Nestled in purple flowers between two tall rocks.
4. X:272 Y:363 Behind Hugh's house on the attached shed ceiling.
5. X:208 Y:401 On some rocks by the beach near the Hermit's house
6. X:196 Y:354 On the front/ocean side of a large rock on the beach. You can walk/swim around the front of the rock to reach it.
7. X:273 Y:338 On a rock along the north-eastern side of the beach. Facing south on the ferry landing, go left (east) along the beach.

Western Epona

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:72 Y:339 On a pipe on the side of the house next to Frederik the Alchemist.
2. X:49 Y:333 In the bunker behind the first inside door you open at the bottom of the slope.
3. X:111 Y:313 Inside the cave arch at The Moon Spring.
4. X:90 Y:283 Start at Stormgarden and take Jarleheim road NW. Go into the grape fields on the left. The spider is in a row near a tree surrounded by stones.
5. X:86 Y:325 Go behind the house directly across the road (facing N) from the mill in Crescent Moon Village. The spider is in the barrels against the wall of the smaller back cottage next to the outhouse.
6. X:76 Y:319 In the middle of Poison Pond on a metal box amidst the reeds. (Located NE of the Crescent Moon Village race.)
7. X:67 Y:289 At Stormgarden, go NW along Jarlaheim road and turn left onto the Western Trail along the ocean, in between the grape fields. Down on Seahorse Beach, the spider is on the water-end of a log partially in the water and partially on the beach.
8. X:69 Y:299 Follow the Western Trail into Old Stormgarden and the spider is under the well roof near the entrance.
9. X:92 Y:301 At Stormgarden, inside the barrels against the outer wall of the house. (To the right of a box of carrots.)


Number Coordinates Notes
1. X:293 Y:96 On the ceiling inside the shed behind Avalon’s house.
2. X:298 Y:89 On the cliff wall behind the waterfall near Avalon's house.
3. X:259 Y:99 The spider is on a tree trunk underneath the Druid training area.
4. X:249 Y:134 Next to picnic area on top of a rock, on top of another rock. You must jump to reach it.
5. X:239 Y:154 In a bush by the abandoned summer house
6. X:334 Y:109 Valedale Lake. Take the race track to the closest path to the waterfall. Just east of the waterfall (X:329 Y:111), take a left off the path and go up the side of the mountain. The spider is at the coordinates on the left on the back of a rocky cliff.
7. X:332 Y:137 Valedale Lake. Next to a big rock In the water. You will need to jump from this coordinate to get it.
8. X:308 Y:114 Near entrance to Valedale Lake. From Valedale go up Lake Road until you reach the last turnback to the lake. Go straight past the tree toward the coordinates on the left. The spider is on top of the boulder at the base of a large fir tree near the fence.
9. X:266 Y:142 In the water by the base of the Water Mill.
10. X:237 Y:78 In the Spymaster’s hideout, in a cage near his computer.