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The Soul Steed is a fictional horse breed that was available in Star Stable Online.


Date Developement
May 5, 2021 Star Stable releases a poll on their website for users to vote on the characteristics of a special, free horse for their 10th anniversary. The poll is up for two weeks.
August 10, 2021 A teaser image of the completed horse is revealed on SSO's social media
September 15th 2021 The Soul Steed is added to the game for a limited time of 4 weeks.


"Jorvik is an enchanting place, and island full of mystery and wonder, where nature has a life of its own, thrilling adventures await at every turn, and the bond between horse and human is treasured above all else.

Now, ten years after Moorland Stables first opened their gates to riders from around the world, the Soul Steed has arrived in Southwest Jorvik to join in on the anniversary celebrations!

The Mystical Soul Steed doesn't hail from a specific part of Jorvik, as they prefer to roam the nature of the entire island, carefully observing and adapting. They occasionally stop by towns, watching the people but rarely approaching.

Years of wandering have helped the Soul Steed truly capture the spirit of the island, the essence of what makes Jorvik so unique. Some people believe its energy is visualized in the distinct markings of the Soul Steed's coats.

Soul Steeds are amiable horses, kind to strangers and friends alike, though somewhat reserved. But with the right rider, a Soul Steed can come out of their shell and really thrive.

A bond with this magnificent Horse is a gift that embodies the soul of Jorvik."

Unique Features

The Mezair

While most breeds in SSO only have five gaits, the Soul Steed Horse has six. This special gait is called the "Mezair," a gait derived from the Airs Above Ground move by the same name. To make your horse do the Mezair, the horse must be walking. The player then must hold down the Shift key and then simultaneously hit either the up arrow or the 'w' key. The Soul Steed will then begin to perform the special gait. During the Mezair, the horse cannot move to a faster gait or jump. To stop the Mezair, simply slow your horse down like you would with any other.

The Lay Down

The Soul Steed can perform a special move called the Lay Down. The animation can be activated by pressing the spacebar, but only when standing still, otherwise the horse will jump instead of performing the move.


Eight hairstyles can be purchased for the Soul Steed at the Horse Stylist. These styles are identical on all Jorvik Wild (minus the Embermane style), Embermane, and Soul Steed models.

  • Default
  • Button Braids
  • Mohawk with unicorn tail
  • Mohawk with default tail
  • Lion Mane
  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long


The Soul Steed sports moderate feathering on its legs. This long hair covering the horse's canon and fetlock means that the Soul Steed cannot wear leg wraps or open front boots in the game.

Colors, Pricing, and Location

Black Warped Brindle Chimera

The Soul Steed was a free horse given by Gary Goldtooth during SSO's 10th birthday event. It came in one variation.

Note: This horse will not be returning to the game and will no longer be available for purchase.

  • Black Warped Brindle Chimera


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