Soul Riders is a series of middle-grade books published by Star Stable Entertainment AB. The series consists of two trilogies, each covering a unique storyline, three short story collections, and a graphic novel. The series acts as a loose adaptation of the Starshine Legacy games and a prequel to the events of Star Stable Online.

The Series[]

First Trilogy[]

Set on the island of Jorvik, the first Soul Riders trilogy is an epic fantasy story about magic, friendship, and horses. The story follows the Soul Riders, four heroes who share a magical bond with their horses and each other. Anne, Lisa, Alex, and Linda have been chosen by destiny. With the help of the island’s mystical druids, they embark on a dangerous adventure to save the world from Garnok, an ancient, terrible being of immense power.

Jorvik Calling[]

Four teenage girls – Lisa, Alex, Linda, and Anne – discover that they have a special bond with their horses that gives them magical powers. They soon learn that they are Soul Riders, legendary heroes destined to save the world from an ancient evil. While trying to balance school, family, and friendship, they have to figure out what it means to be a Soul Rider. When they are targeted by the mysterious Mr. Sands, the girls discover that their horses are in danger…

The Legend Awakens[]

Having been split up in the search for their horses, the Soul Riders are in danger, and they now have to begin their training with the druids. But soon after accomplishing their first mission, they are interrupted by some terrible news…

Darkness Falling[]

The Soul Riders once again face the Dark Riders and Mr. Sands. In order to save those they love and fight off the darkness that threatens to be released into the world, Lisa, Alex, Linda, and Anne have to take things into their own hands. At last, they realize what it truly means to be a Soul Rider. But will they have time to stop the darkness from destroying Jorvik?

Second Trilogy[]

They thought it was over, but this time Anne, Lisa, Linda, and Alex are facing something that will make them question everything they know about being a Soul Rider… This all-new Soul Riders trilogy is a story of four friends trying to make sense of the mysterious legends, magic, and bond of sisterhood that surrounds them – as they finally come to understand the sacrifices they will have to make.

Shadows Over Jorvik[]

With no immediate threat on the horizon, the Soul Riders have slowly drifted apart, and when they finally reunite, they realize that a lot has changed. Everyone but Alex – who has even managed to reconnect with her mom – seems to doubt their mission as Soul Riders. Lisa dreams of music and a simpler life in Texas and Linda can’t stop thinking about the university in Oxford. Meanwhile, Anne has a secret that she can’t tell anyone – not even her Soul Rider sisters… They thought it was over, but this time Anne, Lisa, Linda, and Alex are facing something that will make them question everything they know about being a Soul Rider.

The Prisoner of Pandoria[]

It’s the four of them against the world – but what happens when one of them disappears? The Soul Riders are scattered. Anne is missing and has lost her beloved horse Concorde. Her friends Lisa, Alex and Linda go on a desperate hunt to save Anne – but will they reach her before it’s too late? The Soul Riders no longer know who to trust. Who is after them? And why? They have a strong feeling that someone in the background is pulling the strings – but right when they think they know the answers, they are forced to make impossible choices. Choices that could cost lives…

Aideen's Gift[]

The exciting fantasy horse story of the Soul Riders continues! The magical Starbreeds, found only on Jorvik, are under threat. No new Starbreeds are born anymore, and even nature itself seems to be dying on the island. If there’s no longer any magic on Jorvik, what will happen to the bond between humans and horses? Soul Riders Linda, Lisa, Anne and Alex realize that dark forces are trying to take over the island. Is it their old enemy in Pandoria? Or something, or someone, completely different? To stop the darkness from spreading, the Soul Riders have to enlist the help of old enemies. Also caught up in the battle is Anne’s former friend Mina, the one who betrayed them all and allied herself with evil. The battle for Jorvik draws near. Soon the snow will be stained red with blood…

Short Story Collections[]

Four Stories from Jorvik[]

Four short stories from Jorvik that are full of breathtaking adventures, horses, and magic! Can’t get enough of the Soul Riders? Get to know Alex, Lisa, Linda, and Anne even better as you join them on their own exciting adventures in these four personal short stories.

Ghost Stories from Jorvik[]

Curl up by the fire and get lost in these five beautifully illustrated ghost stories from magical Jorvik! The four Soul Riders Anne, Linda, Alex, and Lisa each receive a mysterious message. Your friends are in danger. Ride to the campsite in Goldenhills Valley to find out more. Don’t tell anyone. Goldenhills Valley is a strange place. A magical place. Gathering around the warmth of a glowing campfire, the Soul Riders begin to tell ghost stories from their own lives. Things they’ve never told anyone before… But who has summoned them there – and why? As the shadows deepen and night begins to fall, the four friends slowly find themselves in the middle of the spookiest ghost story of all!

Stable Stories from Jorvik[]

In this new short story collection, the four Soul Riders Linda, Alex, Anne, and Lisa visit a few of the biggest stables on Jorvik in an effort to find answers before it’s too late. The more stables they visit, the more questions arise. Who is the mysterious girl crying at Moorland Stables? Is everything really as it should be in the mysterious Golden Hills Valley? And what’s that hidden in the forests around the western ranch in Firgrove? Will they be able to solve the mysteries in time? Follow the Soul Riders as they ride to some of Jorvik’s most famous stables and get ready for some truly unforgettable adventures!

Graphic Novels[]

Dark Song[]

Magical horses and mysterious powers – Join the Soul Riders on an epic new adventure in this beautifully illustrated graphic novel! Dark Song is a stand-alone adventure brought to life by the distinguished comic writer Katie Cook and the brilliant young artist Elli Puukangas. The Soul Riders meet with their druid allies in Valedale and discover that all is not well in the area. With the help of an unusual guide, they ride east through the wilderness. When Linda has a horrible vision of barren forests and great havoc, the girls realize they are needed to save the land around them from destruction. What’s wrong with the mysterious tree that seems to be corrupting all living things around it? Could it be the result of dark magic? As the Soul Riders start to unravel the mystery, they are attacked by a dangerous beast and get some unexpected help. But things are not what they seem, and it turns out they have been caught up in someone’s sinister plans. Will the Soul Riders learn the truth before it’s too late?


  • The first trilogy is loosely based on the Starshine Legacy series and features many of the same characters, locations, and storylines.
  • Several originally book only characters such as Lisa's father, Carl Peterson, and Linda's pet cat, Misty, have since been introduced in Star Stable Online.
  • Several characters, locations, and storylines from Starshine Legacy were omitted from the books such as Josh, Buck, Devil's Gap, the Gar-Nok Project Site, the Glamour No.5 modeling competition, and Katja hypnotizing Alex's brother, James.