Silverglade Village is a small village located near the Silverglade Castle.

Star Stable Online

Silverglade Village is the village located in the heart of Silverglade and at the near center of the current map. The closest stable is Steve's Farm

New appearance, town square overview

New appearance, from West Jorvik Highway entrance

New appearance, small residential courtyard

New appearance, center fountain


The updated village is vibrant and colorful, with each house having a different color than its neighbor's. There are many flowers and plants around, and it is much more open-concept than its previous iteration. There is a large white main house that houses the Club Meeting Hall and Riding Hall, and there are shops throughout the village. Multiple animals such as pet cats and dogs along with birds can be seen. There is a large centerpiece fountain in the center of the town square.




  • Hot Potatoes (replaces Star Store)
  • Grazeful Looks (replaces Steve's Second Hand)
  • Star Snacks
  • Cottage Core (replaces Castle Store)
  • Cool Cutz (renamed Kool Kutz)



  • Its appearance was updated in 2021, receiving a complete graphical update and overhaul. It lost the stone wall around it and now has more vibrant colors, now comparable to many Swedish towns.
  • The sign outside of what was formerly Kool Kutz now reads Cool Cutz, however the interior is unchanged. It is unknown if this is an oversight or intentional.