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Silverglade Equestrian Center

The Silverglade Equestrian Center is a stable belonging to The Baroness at Silverglade Manor and is part of Silverglade Vineyard.


The Equestrian Center is located right in the heart of the Silverglade estate, and as such, it is surrounded by strategically placed vegetation and smartly shaped hedges.

The Equestrian Center is made up of four structures, most sporting a timber framed style with white infill. The main building, the barn, is the largest structure of the four. Like many other barns in Jorvik, it has an open stable with four stalls for horses to rest in and an inner stable for player use. The second floor of the barn is a hay loft and a hook can be seen hanging from one of its beams for pulling up bales. Its roof has a bright red brick inlay. Directly behind the barn is a pink horse trailer.

To the left of the barn is large set of stables where horse breeds are sold.

To the right of the barn is a barn house. Unlike the stable, the house has a stucco finish and wood shingle roofing. There are four doors (indicating four separate bedrooms) and little bistro


Silverglade Manor

table sets to the left of each door. Strings of clothing can be seen hanging from the frames around the structure.

To the right of the barn house is a small, stucco house used for hay bale making.

The horse trailer is right behind it and the small stable next to the main one filled with different breeds of horses. There is also a small house for hay bale making.

Attractions and Amenities[]

  • General Store
  • Tack shop for buying horse gear
  • Horse trailer for transport
  • Stable for buying new horse breeds
  • Barn House for overnight stays
  • The Manor
  • Optional Home Stable location



  • The trailer name to access Silverglade Vineyard was "Silverglade Equestrian Center" before it was changed to "Silverglade Manor".
  • The informal abbreviation for Silverglade Equestrian Center is SEC.