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The Secret Stone Circle, officially known in-game as, "A secret and mystic place, only for the Keepers of Aideen", is a secret area where the druids and soul riders hold meetings about what to do against the forces that threaten the Jorvik.

The player is able to enter it by moving along the spiral path in a clockwise direction. They will see a translucent swirling portal which transports them to the Secret Stone Circle.


Star Stable Online

The player heads off to the Secret Stone Circle after passing Elizabeth's runestone test where they officially meet Fripp and the druids.

The player can meet Fripp and the druids if they seek knowledge about certain questions, after getting to a certain point in the game the player joins the druids in their meetings to find the missing Soul Riders and stop Garnok. During one of the visits the player informs Fripp and the others after Lisa's rescue like her, Anne is trapped in Pandoria too.

Once Justin has been saved from Dark Core by the Soul Riders, they travel back to the Secret Stone Circle to seek help for him but becomes shocked when he's arrested by the druids. With not much time to dwell on his imprisonment, everyone puts their efforts into rescuing Anne, Fripp speaks of using a location keystone to get to Pandoria. But the keystone they have can only get the riders to the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur and the keystone they need is in the Stonecutter's Vault which is in said valley. Fripp wishes for the riders safe return as they leave and once they do the player uses the Pandorian Keystone to get to Pandoria as the other Soul Riders stay in the Secret Stone Circle.

And yet the player returns with news of Anne's failed rescue attempt but even worse Darko and Garnok invade the sacred area plotting to capture all the Soul Riders but Fripp uses his powers to force them out destroying keystone but was weakened by the attempt and Anne's rescue was put on hold.

Within time the riders find out that the Secret Stone Circle is also connected by portal to Fripp's secret room below the area. Inside Fripp's room, the riders, Evergray, Avalon and Elizabeth talk about their next move so they switch plans by finding Concorde but Alex and the player inform the others that he's gone. But Elizabeth tells them that there's another incarnation of him out there due to him and the other horse guardian's ability to be reborn.

Once Concorde is safe all that's left is to rescue Anne but a new keystone needed to be made first and the Soul Riders learn that the player and Everygray are working on it.


  • This symbol of four horses and their riders is seen on the floor which is the same symbol seen each of the Starshine Legacy episodes.
  • The Secret Stone Circle is also Fripp's home and his secret chamber is accessible by portal.
  • In Starshine Legacy, the Secret Stone Circle can be reached through Old King’s Road. However, the road remains blocked off to players in Star Stable Online.
  • At first before the Secret Stone Circle was closed off it use to be a secretive glade.