Sabine is one of the main antagonists of Starshine Legacy and Star Stable Online. Her horse is a jet-black Jorvik Friesian named Khaan.


Before Update[]

Sabine has wavy black hair, kept in a short unkempt ponytail. Her eyes are dark, with an apparent violet hue in them. When not in Dark Rider apparel, she can be seen in a scarlet riding jacket, khaki jodhpurs, and black boots. In the Soul Rider Book Series, she is described to be tall, with a long black braid, dark eyes, broad shoulders, black pointed nails, and a scar across her face.

After Update[]

Sabine has straight black hair slicked back in a knee-length braid. Her eyes are light orange and her eyebrows are arched and black. Her skin is a tan colour and she has a tall, muscular build. Sabine has a scar on the left side of her face, centred around her lip and cheek area. Her nails are long, pointed, and painted black.

She wears a sleeveless patterned red shirt, a white collar with a black bow, and a black vest with gold detailing. Her vest has her Dark Rider symbol emblazoned in gold on the back. She also wears tan, high-waisted riding pants, a black belt with pouches, and black leather boots.

Her alternate/disguise outfit is a black motorbike helmet, a slightly cropped black leather jacket with a black shirt underneath, dark grey fingerless leather gloves, red pants, and pair of lace-up black leather boots. This is only seen on her updated model and is not seen very often, so far only appearing in a couple of early quests.


Sabine is stuck-up, arrogant, hot-tempered and rude. She is known to be more serious than her fellow Dark Riders, and has a darker demeanour. However, she is able to change her tone as she sees useful; for example at the start of the game she is seen as quite impolite, but changes her tune to a happy, more friendly tone to deceive the player. This changes after she achieves what she wants.

The Soul Riders Book Series suggests that Sabine does not recognise the emotion of happiness. The book compares Sabine to a flaming ember, Katja to an ice axe, and Jessica somewhere cool in the middle, which Sabine seems to envy in a way, as it makes Jessica more able to blend in with regular people. For this reason, it is difficult for Sabine to understand her, even if they have known each other for a long time. It is also clear that she does not like to agree with the other Dark Riders, even if they are correct. In one part of Darkness Falling, she hesitates and makes a disgusted face when Mr Sands reaches for her hand, suggesting that she doesn't like physical contact.

In Starshine Legacy it's revealed that she came from a wealthy family, which she tried to use to her advantage. Her wealth is hinted at a few times across the Star Stable franchise, including Star Academy when Herman mentions her being away at a tropical island with her parents for vacation. In Star Stable Online, she displays a stuck-up attitude about being seen in an area such as Moorland, instead preferring to be in Silverglade Manor. Her affluence is again hinted at when she suddenly leaves the manor after just a week, even though she had paid for a full month's stable rent. In the Soul Riders book series, it is mentioned that she stables her horse in a "private stable down the road" from Jorvik Stables.

Starshine Legacy 1: Mystery of the Soul Riders[]

Sabine is first seen talking to a janitor in the school, as Lisa listens to the conversation. She tries to convince the man that her cellphone has been stolen, using her presumably rich father as an excuse to get her way. Lisa shows up with the phone, in which Sabine is slightly taken off guard, but thanks her anyway.

As the game continues, she is seen boasting about Khaan, and discourages Lisa from joining Jorvik Stables due to membership being a year's wait. After Lisa takes out Starshine for a test ride, she is seen saying negative things to Lisa to perhaps cause her to be downtrodden.

Starshine soon collapses due to the dark presence of Mr. Sands, and Sabine gathers in the stables with a few others. It is unclear whether she was familiar with Mr. Sands at this point.

After Lisa snoops around the school at night, she comes to the stables, realising Starshine is missing. Anne, Alex, and her contemplate what might've happened, before Sabine locks them in the stables, explaining that they could be in trouble if their parents found out, and simply told them to wait for the police to the group's dismay.

Lisa rescues Starshine from Dark Core HQ, she is chased by Sabine, who is seen in a scarlet hood. Khaan's hooves also glow with flaming fire. She is unable to catch Lisa, who later comes to meet Fripp after the experience. The next day, she races Lisa, and loses much to her embitterment. She tells Lisa that is was merely luck, and that this was far from over.

The only time Sabine is mentioned again is when she competes against Linda in showjumping in Starshine Legacy 2.

Star Stable Online[]


Sabine as she appears in SSO.


Sabine as a Dark Rider in SSO.

Sabine is first introduced in Star Stable Online when she steals a set of documents from Thomas Moorland in Moorland Stables. Here, she is wearing her disguise outfit, red pants, leather jacket and a motorbike helmet. The player is required to chase after her and steal them back.

Sabine is rude and defensive when confronted about the theft of the documents. After the player tries out a racetrack in Silverglade Vineyard, Sabine realises that the player can help her, and she apologises for her behaviour, citing that she was just feeling insecure. She asks the player to deliver a letter to Justin Moorland, saying that she must stick to the "classier areas". After Justin receives the letter, and leaves Moorland via a ferry with Sabine, she was revealed to be one of the Dark Riders, under the Alias "Dark Rider Malumi". Sabine is seen several times in Dark Core's secret oil platform, along with the rest of Garnok's generals.

At the player attempts to save Lisa through the Primeval Tree, Sabine stops her by using a deadly magic that neutralises her horse. As she tries to threaten the player through saying 'Aideen's light will be snuffed out forever', Lisa shows up in the nick of time, and Sabine flees via apparition.

At another point in the game, Dark Core desperately tries to stop the druids from completing the keystone, and Sabine appears in Dino Valley, threatening the player to give it to her. After a deadly race, the Soul Riders show up in the nick of time, saving the player from her demise.

Soul Riders book series[]

Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling[]

Sabine is described as a relatively new student at the school where Soul riders study. Together with Jessica, who is also said to be a new student, she constantly provokes fights and looks for trouble. Alex describes the two as "BFFs", yet her and Jessica don't seem to be too friendly together. She charms Herman to get closer to Starshine and with her powers causes the animal to collapse. Her plan fails as Lisa manages to heal the horse. After this incident, Herman orders Sabine to get out of his stables and never to come back.

Soul Riders: Legend Awakens[]

Sabine follows Linda as she arrives at the Pine Hill Mansion. With the help of Dark Core employees, she kidnaps Meteor. She also tries to hurt Linda, but then Alex shows up to prevent it and takes her friend from the property. Later, Sabine and the other Dark Riders go to Scarecrow Hill to destroy the golden apple, but during the pursuit of the Soul Riders, she rides over an old bridge, which collapses underneath and falls into the abyss.

Soul Riders: Darkness Falling[]

Sabine, as she recalls, has never been a human being, and thanks to that she survives a fall from a bridge. She and the other Dark riders return through the forest to the Dark Core headquarters. On the way, she comes across the Soul Riders' camp but decides to go on.

Later on the Dark Core platform, along with the other generals, she deprives the Soul Riders and their horses of magical energy with the help of Mr. Sands and the portal Concorde throws the man into at the end of the ritual. Sabine, Jessica, and Katja are thrown off the platform into the icy water, but once again emerge unscathed.


  • Sabine is the only Dark Rider to be seen in her Dark Rider outfit in Starshine Legacy.
  • It is assumed Sabine's powers are opposite to that of Alex's.
  • In Starshine Legacy 4, Mr. Sands, Katja, and Jessica were said to be connected to Garnok, and supernatural entities. Sabine is not mentioned in this list for unknown reasons.
  • Sabine was said to originate from a rich family, as her father supported Jorvik High School (via donations).
  • In Star Academy, Herman mentioned that Sabine was on a vacation with her parents on a tropical island, and therefore, wasn't able to carry out her duties at Jorvik Stables. This confirmed at the time that she was a human being, and further insinuated that she came from a wealthy family.
  • Although her affluence is mentioned and hinted at throughout every game and book in the Starstable franchise, it is unknown exactly how her family achieved their wealth.
  • In the Soul Riders book 2, Legend Awakens, Sabine is said to use spurs, possibly the reason for the scars Khaan was mentioned to have.
  • Before her and her horse's updated models were released, they could be seen on a hill behind Gary Goldtooth's camp in Northern Wildwoods. This was unintentional.