Sabine is one of the main antagonists of Starshine Legacy. Her horse's name is Khaan.

Sabine originates from a rich family, and her father supports Jorvik High School (clock repairment donation).

Star Stable Online

in Star Stable Online, Sabine pretends to be a normal girl and tries to be a friend the player when they meet at Silverglade Equestrian Center. After introducing herself she asks the player to deliver a letter to Justin Moorland, after Justin had received the letter, and left Moorland with Sabine she was revealed to be one of the Dark Riders (under the Alias "Dark Rider Malumi"). Sabine is seen several times in Dark Core's secret oil platform, along with the rest of Garnok's generals, Jessica, Katja, Darko, and Mr. Sands.

Soul riders book series

Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling

Sabine pretends to be a new student at the school where Soul riders study. Together with Jessica, she constantly provokes fights and looks for trouble. She charms Herman to get closer to Starshine and with her powers causes the animal to collapse. Her plan fails as Lisa manages to heal the horse. After this incident, Herman orders Sabine to get out of his stables and never to come back.

Soul Riders: Legend Awakens

Sabine follows Linda as she arrives at the Pine Hill Mansion. With the help of Dark Core employees, she kidnaps Meteor. He also tries to hurt Linda, but then Alex shows up to prevent it and takes her friend from the property. Later, Sabine and the other Dark Riders go to Scarecrow Hill to destroy the golden apple, but during the pursuit of the Soul Riders, she rides over an old bridge, which collapses underneath and falls into the abyss.

Soul Riders: Darkness Falling

Sabine, as she recalls, has never been a human being, and thanks to that she survives a fall from a bridge. She and the other Dark riders return through the forest to the Dark Core headquarters. On the way, she comes across the Soul Riders' camp but decides to go on.

Later on the Dark Core platform, along with the other generals, she deprives the Soul Riders and their horses of magical energy with the help of Mr. Sands and the portal Concorde throws the man into at the end of the ritual. Sabine, Jessica, and Katja are thrown off the platform into the icy water, but once again emerge unscathed.


  • After Starshine Legacy 2 she is never seen again in the series.
  • From Soul Riders, Sabine seems mostly hate Lisa and Linda.
  • She is the only Dark Rider to seen in her Dark Rider outfit in Starshine Legacy.
  • In the Soul riders book Sabine in described to have wide shoulders, void black eyes, and disgruntled look on her face
  • It is assumed Sabine is part of the reaper circle; opposite to that of the lightning circle.
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