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The Rune Runner is a fictional horse breed in Star Stable Online.


Date Development
March 10, 2020 Concept art of the Rune Runner is shown on SSO's social media accounts.
March 20, 2020 The finalized concept of the horse is revealed in a video on Soul Riding. A release date of March 25 is given at this time.
March 25, 2020 Soul Riding and the Rune Runner are added to the game.


News Article[]

"The Rune Runner horse is ridden by the Wild Wardens of the north, and if you manage to prove yourself, you'll get one of these beautiful Starbreeds as a gift from the druids!"


"Rune Runners are specially trained Starbreeds ridden by the Wild Wardens of the north. This will be your own Rune Runner"

Unique Features[]


The Rune Runner has a unique forelock, mane, tail and feather style.

  • The forelock is collected in the middle of the horses forehead and has a wavy texture.
  • The mane is plaited into single braided strands and is tied of with green hairbands
  • The tail is plaited in the middle and is rolled into a bun with a colorful green and brown band wrapped around the middle.
  • The feathers on the back of each leg are braided in a French style.


The Rune Runner sports moderate feathering on its legs. This long hair covering the horses' canon and fetlock means that the Rune Runner cannot wear leg wraps or open front boots in the game.

Colors, Pricing, and Location[]


Sooty Dunalino

The Rune Runner is a special reward the player can receive after gaining enough reputation with Rhiannon during her Soul Riding quests.

The Rune Runner can be obtained by acquiring 120,000 reputation points with Rhiannon. It comes in one variation and can be found at the Druid Paddock.

  • Sooty Dunalino with clipped Celtic knot markings


  • The Rune Runner uses the G3 North Swedish Horse model.
  • Excluding the player's first horse, the Rune Runner is the first truly free horse available in SSO as it can be obtained without using Star Coins or Jorvik Shillings. The second is the Soul Steed.
  • While the Rune Runner can be taken to the horse stylist, it has no other mane and tail options to change to.
    • It is also impossible to change the colors of the hairbands and tail band.
  • While the Rune Runner does not require the player to be a certain level to obtain it, players must be around level 15 to have access to the Soul Riding quests.
  • It is not possible to obtain more than one Rune Runner on a single account.
    • Additionally, if sold, it is impossible to obtain another Rune Runner.
  • There are a few glitches with the Rune Runner:
    • In some animations, the mane does not properly move with the horse.
    • When the Rune Runner is at a full gallop, part of the mane will glitch into the eye.
    • Due to the model of the Rune Runner being the North Swedish Horse, it used to have a glitch where its neck would snap backward when jumping. This has since been patched, along with the actual North Swedish Horse itself being patched of this glitch.
  • Soul Riding to obtain the Rune Runner will take 107 days or around 4 months, assuming the player obtains the maximum number of points by completing every mission while soul riding each day.
    • As of 2024-03-08, missions can be re-attempted if the player hard quits the game before receiving the "mission failed" message.

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