Ronnie Bob Summers owns the Bayridge Stables. He is the father of Joseph, Marley, Barney, Carney and Courtney Summers.

Star Stable: The Spring Rider

Ronnie Bob owns the Bayridge Stables and is sceptical towards Jordan Jet's idea of starting a riding camp. He seems to be good friends with both Bella Oak and Lorna Thorne. His son Joseph appears as an infant in a quest.

Star Stable Online

Ronnie Bob has not appeared in the game, but all his children talk warmly of him.

Marley, Barney and Carney all claim that their father has died (all of them giving different dates of death - everything between one to fifteen years back), while their sister Courtney states that she talked with the father not long ago, saying that he is still alive. It is unclear what actually has happened to Ronnie Bob.