Rhiannon is a wild whisperer who specifies on Star Breeds. She owns a North Swedish Horse named Nix


Rhiannon is helpful, loyal and obedient towards Elizabeth's commands. In Elizabeth's story "The Girl Who Can Talk To Horses", she described her as strong, lovely and elusive.

Similar to Catherine, she also felt more comfortable around horses than people. Rhiannon also had limited and a bit naive perspective about magic at first only believing there was good magic. After a bad awakening with dark forces, Rhiannon had felt fear and doubt with her abilities. Through the help of her friends, she learned in unity and according to Alex is now fearless.

Prior to Star Stable

According to Elizabeth's story "The Girl Who Can Talk To Horses", she came to the island ten years to prior to being found by Avalon. Who offered her a bed but refused wanting to stay by the horses, she began talking to Calliope and in turn met her rider Elizabeth. With her, the two became close friends and Rhiannon met Fripp as well learned of the druids and their cause.

Soon she heard of the Wild Wardens and decided to seek tutelage. But on her way she came across dark forces another Wild Whisper but used their powers for dark intentions as soon as she fled Rhiannon felt that her gift was gone. After a while the young warden returned to Valedale with a steed of her own Nix but soon she saw that the knowledge Rhiannon received would bring harm to those around her. Hurt and confused she fled up north refusing to return until Elizabeth came asking for help. Through helping a friend she learned there was strength in numbers and how close the Soul Riders were with that she decided to stay

Star Stable Online

Rhiannon is first introduced to the player by Elizabeth. She gives the player a mysterious substance full of sugar to eat; according to her, it helps the player to focus a need.

After the trial run Rhiannon helps the player and Alex search for Concorde through Wild Whispering but with so many foals and little time. She and the player asked

Elizabeth if they can invoke the power of Whisper's Cry, but she deemed it too dangerous and Rhiannon agreed. However she found that the girls broke Justin out of prison and were heading to South Hoof but arrived too late.After finally catching up she reprimanded the girls for their dangerous attempt to find Concorde.

Sometime later, after the new Concorde had been found Rhiannon was charged with watching her. Upon the Player and Alex's arrival she described the young foal as a pain in the butt and yet spirited. Where she informs the pair that this generation of Concorde is a mare, it was rare but not unheard of for a guardian.

Once the new Pandorian keystone was complete she joined everyone at Guardian's Dale to prepare for Anne's rescue upon seeing little Concorde antsy around Elizabeth. Rhiannon explained that the two bonded souls 30 years ago and were forbidden to see each other and when the portal opened she wished the girls luck. After awhile she saw the Soul Riders return with Anne but no Alex; to make matters worse from Tin-Can she heard that Alex was facing Darko alone and saw Elizabeth as well as the player leave to rescue her. Upon seeing the girls return Rhiannon was told of Elizabeth's demise and attended her memorial along with her friends in Doyle's Abbey.

Then, she introduces the Player to some real Soul Riding training under the recommendation of Alex and after the training is complete the player could go on missions. Despite seeing the player make valuable progress in their training Rhiannon became hesitant towards the player but was pushed by Linda and Alex to reveal her secrets. Soon the player and others, heard of Rhiannon's story of her going through self-doubt and fear as well as finding your light, seeing all that in the player, Rhiannon informs her that she'll be ready to go with her to Northern Jorvik to discover the most important about Soul Riding but had to prepare a few things first while the player resumed her training.

When the player was ready, the duo went to South Hoof, where Rhiannon explains that Aideen's gift is more than about the bond between rider and horse but understanding it's about the land we share. According to Rhiannon it's what lead her to travel north, become a Wild Whisper as well as Warden and find Nix. With that she admits despite the player and their horse's bonding flourishing she believes the player has connected to the nature of Jorvik on a deeper level honing a link with all horses on the island.

To test that Rhiannon asks the player to close their eyes and ask if the player can feel how everything is connected when they agree she is impressed. Moving on, she says the presence of a wild horse feels like a spark and it's one of the ways Wild Wardens know where they are and safe. With this knowledge Rhiannon tells the player to treasure it, listen to the horses around and find harmony. To the player's surprise this was what she was hesitant to share thinking we weren't ready to understand but seeing the player's dedication in Soul Riding was proven wrong and thanks the player for helping to protect the horses of Jorvik. With that duo return to the Druid Paddock and Rhiannon informs the player that they are on their last of training and tells the player to continue nurturing our gift.


  • At the Midsummer festival, one of her dialogues mentions Irish Fleadh Nua and its resemblance of Jorvik's Midsummer.
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