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The Ranger's latest land discovery, or re-discovery, with the expedition past Rovar's Gap.

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Ranger's Frontier is the central area of the first section of Wildwoods that include the shallow bodies of water, trees, wood stumps and hollows. Like with Hartwood Shore, Tiera states that Ranger's Frontier includes many aqautic biomes that have unusually empty waters. Players will see a Sentinel bridge at the frontier close to the edge of Hartwood Shore once they have finished the quest where the Lignos leads them into northern Wildwoods.


  • As the waters here are shallow, players may run through the streams of water instead of swimming in them.
  • The Sentinel Tree bridge here is similar to the one at Stone's Throw.
  • It is one of the three passages that leads to northern Wildwoods along with the one at Stone's Throw and the Gray World Gap near Firgrove.