The Rainbow is a special event phenomenon that only appears during the Rainbow Festival and formerly the Fortuna Festival. The Rainbow appears in specific spots around Jorvik, and players can follow it to the place it touches down to collect special items.


The Rainbow appears in one of several locations, somewhere on Jorvik multiple times a day from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM at which point it will disappear and not be available until the next day. The Rainbow is extremely large and is hard to miss if standing in an open area with a clear view of the sky. Once spotted, a player can follow the rainbow to the location it is touching down on. Should a player not currently have access to the area the rainbow is located at, they will have to wait until the rainbow reappears in an area accessible to them.

Note: The rainbow may not be visible when a player first logs in, if the player cannot see the rainbow, they must wait until the next time change for the rainbow to become visible.


Once at the Rainbow's location the user can run around the area looking for glowing mounds of dirt. Once a mound is found, the player must dismount their horse, and play a small mini-game to determine how many pieces of Rainbow Gold they will collect. Once a mound has been used, it disappears, and players must look for another one. There are a total of 10 mounds in each location and a total of 10 pieces of gold may be extracted from each mound, making the amount of gold a player can receive from each rainbow, 100 pieces of gold. The pieces can then be traded to Chaun the Leprechaun for special Rainbow Festival rewards.

Note: Mounds span a large circumference around the rainbow, do not be afraid to travel out far looking for mounds.


The Rainbow runs on a specific 30-minute schedule. The rainbow will remain in each area for the first 20 minutes at the top of every half hour and will disappear 10 minutes before the next half hour begins (however Chaun will remain in each area for the entire 30-minute period, allowing players to complete their collecting quests). The Rainbow will randomly spawn in one of eight areas, seven of which are Star Rider exclusive.

The schedule follows the server's official time, which can be observed at the clock tower in Silverglade Village. Please note that the server's time may not be the same as your computer's; therefore, take into account the difference between your time and the server's official time when using this schedule.

7:00 The Everwind Fields
7:30 Valedale Lake
8:00 Dew's Farm
8:30 Starshine Ranch
9:00 Golden Fields
9:30 The Forgotten Fields
10:00 Goldenhills Valley
10:30 Redwood Thicket
11:00 The Forgotten Fields
11:30 The Everwind Fields
12:00 Starshine Ranch
12:30 Dew's Farm
13:00 Valedale Lake
13:30 Golden Fields
14:00 Redwood Thicket
14:30 The Forgotten Fields
15:00 The Everwind Fields
15:30 Valedale Lake
16:00 Dew's Farm
16:30 Starshine Ranch
17:00 Golden Fields
17:30 The Forgotten Fields
18:00 Goldenhills Valley
18:30 Redwood Thicket
19:00 The Forgotten Fields
19:30 The Everwind Fields
20:00 Starshine Ranch
20:30 Dew's Farm
21:00 Valedale Lake
21:30 Golden Fields
22:00 Redwood Thicket


  • Occasionally the Rainbow will experience a bug where it appears to be forming sideways or stretched out. This is simply a visual glitch and will not affect the players ability to dig up gold. It can, however, make it more difficult to see the Rainbow in the sky.