Three Player Characters

The Player Character is the main protagonist of Star Stable Online and serves as the player's avatar in-game. They also are given their own unique name chosen by the player themselves from a drop-down list. At the moment, it is not possible to change your character's name. The character may use emotes (or, more accurately described, animated gestures) to express their feelings, such as crying, laughing, waving, etc. Emotes can be used by either going to the emote drop-down list in chat, or saying, for example, /gestures in chat.


Characters can be given a hairstyle and makeup from a small selection at the beginning of the game. The character’s name, face shape, hair, skin color, and eye color can be chosen by the player. All of the features except for the name can be changed using the Appearance Change feature. The appearance change function is free the first time, but any following changes cost 350 star coins. The player may also change their hair and make up style at the different salons for a fee from 15 to 300 star coins.

Since the September 26th update of 2018, old hairstyles and makeup will no longer be discarded when the character purchases a new one, but instead sent to the vanity table in their home stable (also known as "My Stable"). The character may also buy new clothes from the shops around Jorvik with Star Coins or Jorvik Shillings. Alternatively, it's possible to get new clothes from redeem codes.


  • On November 1st, 2017, the player characters got a graphic update. Most notably, they got shorter necks and new, more realistic animations.
  • While non-playable characters in game seem to recognize that the player character has spoken, the player character generally doesn't have any dialogue (there are a few exceptions). It's likely this is so that the player character's replies can be up to interpretation.