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The Pintabian is a crossbreed available in Star Stable Online.


Date Development
October 4, 2017 Three variations of the Pintabian are added to the game.
November 8, 2017 Three additional variations of the Pintabian are added to the game.


"The Pintabian is best known for its striking coat colors and Arabian heritage. As a relatively young breed, these fine horses gained popularity in Jorvik only recently.

The typical tobiano coat not common to the Arabian horse was established through planned crossing of tobiano horses with Arabians for several generations.

Apart from their color, the Pinto Arabian shares the Arabian's typical conformation, intelligence and will to please."

Unique Features


Five hairstyles can be purchased for the Pintabian at the Horse Stylist. These styles are identical on all Gen 2 Arabian and Pintabian models.

  • Default
  • Button Braids
  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long

Colors, Pricing, and Location

The Pintabian is sold for 485 star coins. The six variations are found in the following locations:


  • The Pintabian is technically a crossbreed, as it is a mix of a purebred Arabian and a horse carrying pinto genes.
  • Unlike purebred Arabians, which do not carry any pinto genes, Pintabians can come in any base-colored pinto variations.
    • Pintabians registries require the horse to contain 99% of Arabian bloodlines with pinto genes to qualify.
  • When SSO first released the Pintabian, they mistakenly called it the "Pinto Arabian" in game, yet there are no registries that recognize the breed by this name. This has since been fixed.
  • Around the time of the Pintabians' arrival to Jorvik, the Gen 2 Arabian Thoroughbreds had their animations tweaked; now the two breeds share animations.
  • There was once a bug that if the player mounted a Pintabian, their rider would sit very far up in the saddle. This has since been fixed.

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