Pine Hill Mansion is an old mansion located in the area of Pine Hill. The mansion is owned by Mr. Sands, and where he presumably resides when not on Dark Core's oil rigs, or elsewhere.

The mansion is described as "haunted" based on the conversation Linda and Herman had.

Starshine Legacy: The Secret of Pine Hill Mansion[]

In Starshine Legacy: Secret of Pine Hill Mansion, Lisa and Linda go to Pine Hill to investigate after becoming suspicious of Mr. Sand’s link to the mansion. Lisa gets stuck in the orangery, and Linda comes to help her, but the girls are forced to flee after Mr. Sands and his henchmen arrive.

Prior to sneaking into Pine Hill Mansion, Linda discovers that the mansion was previously owned by Jorvik High School’s old headmaster, Mr. Stompkins, in the 1920’s. A photo in the school’s trophy case shows Mr. Stompkins in front of the mansion, next to his chauffeur, who Linda immediately recognizes as Mr. Sands. A strange rock from Pine Hill Mansion’s mineral collection is also displayed in the trophy case, which says it was donated to the school after Pine Hill Mansion was abandoned sometime in the 1940’s.

Star Stable: The Winter Rider[]

In Star Stable: The Winter Rider, there is a race run by Mr. Sands, and Mr. Sands is at the mansion.

Star Stable Online[]

Pine Hill mansion is not yet seen in the game, but Linda mentions that she was doing studies there.


  • Inside there are four paintings resembling the Soul Riders.
  • Based on a photo in the Jorvik High School trophy case, a famous Jorvik astrologer known as Giobertus is said to have visited the mansion
  • Inside of a room called "Greenhouse" there is a statue, which can be found in Silverglade nowadays.