Pandoric cracks are cracks to Pandoria that have opened in Jorvik allowing Pandoric energy, creatures and mainly Shadow Seekers to enter Jorvik.

The crack in the Shadowy Hills

A crack opens in the Shadowy Hills and causes a shower of pandoric stones. A couple of Shadow Seekers also travel through the crack. With the help of Pi, the player manages to eliminate the Shadow Seekers and closes the pandoric cracks using a shadow vacuum.

The cracks in Silverglade

A while after the cracks in Shadowy Hills were ceased, new cracks opened in Silverglade Village. The cracks let through Pandoric energy and Shadow Seekers. The opening of the cracks make the villagers believe that judgement day has arrived and that Garnok has come to take them. With Alex's help, and the shadow vacuum's, the player can eliminate the Shadow Seekers. After a lesson with Fripp, the player is formally taught how to close the cracks.

After the closing of the cracks in the Silverglade Village, new ones start to open. It becomes the player's task to close the cracks that show up aroundSilverglade and the Goldenhills Valley daily.