Pandorian Rifts

Pandorian Rifts, a.k.a Pandoria Portals, are special portals players can travel through to revisit Pandoria. Only one portal is open per day and the location changes every day among seven different spots.


The portal appears in one of seven locations, somewhere on Jorvik every day. The portal will appear as a bunch of pink sparkles, When a player approaches the sparkles they will transform into a large pink portal. Once the portal is fully formed, players may simply walk into it and will be transported to Pandoria.

Note: You may only visit Pandoria on your Starter Horse. The portal will reject anyone on any other horses.


Day Location Coordinates Notes
Monday Epona X:162, Y:327 In the Mirror Marshes
Tuesday Epona X:151, Y:390 On Sunset Island, on the island closest to South Hoof Peninsula (the one with the dead trees)
Wednesday Epona X:109, Y:336 While going through The Great Thunder, the portal will be off to the side.
Thursday Epona X:75, Y:298 In Old Stormgarden, behind the house.
Friday The Harvest Counties X:55, Y:180 On the coast of the Forgotten Fields, west of the ancient tree stump.
Saturday The Harvest Counties X:121, Y:216 In Graydew Coast
Sunday Epona X:175, Y:265 In The Eastern Slopes, head to the left after passing the gate on the left of Wolf Hall Inn.


  • If you quit the game while in Pandoria and re-enter the game, you will be moved to the Secret Stone Circle where Fripp usually resides.
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