Nic Stoneground is a determined adventurer and researcher, who is currently doing research in the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur. He has written many books about his trips, and the books are available at Silverglade Manor's library. When the player meets him for the first time, they are asked to help Nic travel from the Everwind Fields to the Valley in his hot air balloon. He is the uncle of Mica Stoneground.

"I am Nic Stoneground. I am an explorer and adventurer with great visions and dreams. My escapades are currently funded by A.A.E. I'm really looking for a secret valley full of fairytales, unicorns, and treasures - but I'm beginning to doubt it's there." - Nic Stoneground

Nic is always seen together with his floating fridge, which he holds in a chain. According to Nic Stoneground, the fridge contains nearly anything inside of it, however Nic has the impression that by opening the fridge, he is forced to pay bills that he doesn't know about, and because of that Nic opens his fridge only if he is really hungry. Ever since he found the fridge, he has been carrying it with him in all of his trips.

Nic is being funded by A.A.E. One of Nic's big goals is to find the Snowman. But his main goal is to find a hidden valley - full of unicorns and treasure. In the recent years, Nic has received the indications that this valley is connected to the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur.

Nic, just like the player, loves adventure and exploring new places.

Daily Quests

  • More trails in the snow...
  • Letters and Reports  will be posted
  • A white spot on the map
  • Reports shall be completed
  • Ice Core Analysis


  • Nic is Polish for "Nothing".
  • Stoneground is English and can be translated to "Stenmark."


  • Nic has been exploring Jorvik since 1989, according to a note in one of his books in Silverglade Manor's library.
  • If you haven't reached the requirements to unlock Valley of the Hidden DinosaurClaire will gave you a task every Monday to ride up to the entrance to check if the snow has cleared.
  • Nic had received a redesign the release of Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur opened. He got a new mesh and texture.
  • Nic's name and appearance is after Michael Stenmark, founder of the company Hidden Dinosaur. 
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