Mr. Sands is the mysterious owner of Dark Core. He is also known as Mr. Sandy, Owen D. Sands, Mr. John Sandman, and Sangordha. He is the antagonist of the Starshine Legacy series.

Mr. Sands is an extraterrestrial entity with the goal of freeing Garnok from his prison under the sea. He is one of Garnok's generals and seems to be several hundred years old.


Mr. Sands is cruel, power hungry, secretive, loyal to cause in releasing Garnok. However, he does have a bit of a caring side, after Justin was no longer useful to Dark Core and about to be thrown overboard. Mr. Sands enlisted the Soul Riders help in saving him.



Sanghorda is, according to Starshine Legacy: The Riddle of Dark Core, Mr. Sands true name.

Owen D. Sands

It was under the name Owen D. Sands that Mr. Sands started the company Deep Core, nowadays known as Dark Core.

Mr. Sandy

Mr. Sandy was Mr. Sands alias during his time as a captain on a fishing boat during the 1870's.

John Sandman

John Sandman was Mr. Sands alias when he married the Baroness of Silverglade in 1964. Together they had a son, Thomas Moorland. Under this identity, he claimed to come from Firgrove, where he sat in the council. It is unknown for how long he was a part of the council, but he is in a photo of the council that was taken in 1959.

Mississippi Jones knew Mr. Sands through this name, as was documented in his last diary.

Mr. Sands

Mr. Sands is the most widely known of his aliases. It is also mostly under this name he acts in Starshine Legacy, Star Stable and Star Stable Online.

Mr. Sands in Starshine Legacy: Episode 4.

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