Mr. Sands is the elusive CEO and owner of Dark Core. He is also known as Mr. Sandy, Owen D. Sands, John Sandman, and Sangordha. He is the primary antagonist of Star Stable Online, as well as the Starshine Legacy games. Though his exact birthdate is unknown, Mr. Sands is an immortal being who's been active since the 19th-century; his immortality was gained by the power of Garnok, whom he is the Herald of.

He covertly pursues goals of world-dominion and power, which can only be done by unleashing Garnok's power upon the Earth.


Mr. Sands is cruel, power hungry and secretive, loyal to his fight against the Soul Riders and Keepers of Aideen. He is known to be ruthlessly patient throughout the game, not prone to giving up even when suffering defeat. However, Mr. Sands' compassionate side was shown when he allowed the player to help free Justin Moorland, his grandson, who was about to be executed on the Dark Core Oil Rig.



Sanghorda is, according to Starshine Legacy: The Riddle of Dark Core, Mr. Sands' true name.

Mr. Sandy[]

Mr. Sandy was Mr. Sands' alias during his time as a captain on a fishing boat during the 1871.

Owen D. Sands[]

It was under the name Owen D. Sands that Mr. Sands started the company Deep Core in 1890, nowadays known as Dark Core.

John Sandman[]

John Sandman was Mr. Sands' alias when he married the Baroness in 1964. Under this identity, he claimed to come from Firgrove where he was a part of the council potentially as far back as 1959, as seen in a photograph taken at the time.

Mississippi Jones knew Mr. Sands through this name, as was documented in his last diary entry.

Star Stable Online[]


Mr Sands as he appears in SSO.

Upon meeting Alex Cloudmill, the player soon learns of a man named Mr. Sands. With further investigation, they soon find documents that The Baroness had tried to bury in her family's history out of shame. The documents revealed that Mr. Sands was The Baroness' former husband, and the father of Thomas Moorland. Consequently, this proved that Mr. Sands was the grandfather of Justin Moorland.

To confirm he is still alive, the player writes a letter to Mr. Sands, who is later seen walking into Silverglade Village to pick it up at the post office. The Keepers of Aideen are in turn notified that Mr. Sands is alive, and presumably residing in Jorvik. After some time, the player is sent to Dark Core's Oil Rig in order to rescue Justin.

After arriving on the oil rig, the player spies on Mr. Sands meeting with the Dark Riders. Justin is present, and they discuss the horse which he claims is not his. After some time, Sabine spots the player, and they flee the facility on horseback.

Sometime later, the player infiltrates the oil rig yet again in hopes to rescue Justin who they find is possibly being mind-controlled by his grandfather. The player spies on the group of assembled Dark Riders, who have recovered Katja through a portal-summoning. Mr. Sands is joyous, realising they can perform the Dark Ceremony, and proposes a celebration. Justin is unwilling to go back to Jorvik after the player confronts him. It was then apparent that he was not being held at Dark Core against his own will.

After spying on Darko, the Keepers of Aideen realise it is necessary to rescue Justin, lest he die in the hands of Dark Core. Alex, Linda, Lisa, and the player infiltrate the oil rig, spotting Justin in a barrel, ready to be dumped in the ocean by the Dark Riders. The player spots Mr. Sands, and hears of his unwillingness to see his grandson die. For the first time, he teams up with the Soul Riders, setting off an alarm to help them rescue Justin without the presence of the Dark Riders.

After Justin is saved, Mr. Sands watches the scene from afar, satisfied his grandson lived, but firm on his belief that the Soul Riders will fall, and meet their defeat sometime in the future.

Soul Riders book series[]

Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling[]

Mr. Sands first shows up when he drives to the school where the Riders of Souls study and talks to Sabine. He later calls her and Jessica to a meeting at the Cape Point oil rig to inform them that the Third General will be arriving in Jorvik soon. At the end of the book, the man orders his staff to imprison Lisa's father, who unfortunately was passing through the helipad and overheard the conversation between Mr. Sands and Katja.

Soul Riders: Legend Awakens[]

Mr. Sands has the Generals track the Soul Riders and listens to their progress reports. Its purpose is to sacrifice Starshine, Tin-Can, Concorde, and Meteor to use their magical energy to release Garnok.

With Katja's help, he locks Lisa in a cage, which he makes fun of and taunts at.

While in the library at the Pine Hill Mansion, Linda discovers that Mr. Sands began to hear a voice after the death of his beloved Rosalinda, who was presumed a witch. That voice turned out to be Garnok, with whom the man made some kind of contract in exchange for immortality.

Soul Riders: Darkness Falling[]

Mr. Sands steals the magic energy from the Soul Riders, but Concorde throws it into the portal. After a while, he manages to get out of it to free Garnok, but the monster's arrival in Jorvik isn't quite what he imagined.