Mr. Kembell, sometimes using the alias Mr. Kettle, is the founder of G.E.D (Global Energy Domination). He is a ruthless man who only cares about money.

Star Stable Online

The player first meets Mr. Kembell in Moorland, where he attempts to demolish Moorland Stables and replace it with luxury apartments. After the player succeeds in acquiring the deed that states Thomas Moorland as the rightful owner of the lot, Mr. Kembell is forced to give up his plan and moves to the oil fields in Everwind Fields.

The oil industry brings great concern to the Baroness as oil leakage pollutes fields and puts both the environment and Silverglade's wine production in danger.

The tourists, GuntherHelga and Gretchen bought a summerhouse from Mr. Kettle; they were scammed, as the cottage turns out to be the burned-down summerhouse in Hollow Woods. When the player discovers that Mr. Kettle is Mr. Kembell, claiming to be a real estate agent, they decided to search for him and demand a refund for the house they bought. Thanks to his business card that he, for some reason, left in the Fort Pinta Disco, they found him in Firgrove. When Mr. Kembell doesn't want to give their money back, they decide to spy on him. After the player succeeded on showing proof that Mr. Kembell uses toxic wastes, Mr. Kembell was demanded to leave Firgrove. But he, being the Mr. Kembell he is, did not stop and continued his plans on Old Hillcrest.


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